Who is the new president of the United States?

The next tenant in the White House has had a life full of tragedy.

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Joseph Robinette Biden is an ice cream lover, a politician almost from the cradle. Despite his stuttering in childhood, he has held several of the most important government positions and from January 20 he will be the second Catholic president of the United States, after John F. Kennedy.

The next "leader of the free world" was born on November 20, 1942 in Scranton Pennsylvania, and spent his childhood between his hometown and New Castle, Delaware. A law graduate of Syracuse University in New York, he ranked 76th out of 85 graduates. According to the Independent newspaper, he was considered "arrogant and careless"

In 1966 he married Neilia Hunter, with whom he would later have their three children: Joseph "Beau" Biden III, Robert Hunter Biden and the youngest, Naomi. Before the marriage, according to The News Journal, Neilia was registered as a Republican, but changed to a Democrat when she adopted her husband's last name.

From a young age and thanks to the influence of his father, he began to participate in politics, being a New Castle County councilor since 1970. He rose to the United States Senate with only 29 years, being the fifth-youngest senator in the history of the country.

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During his time in Congress, Biden focused on international relations, crime, and drug policy. In addition, he was a defender of the fight in Kosovo and of defending the Kosovar people militarily from the Serbs.

Professional scandals

His first major scandal that already cost him a presidential candidacy came in 1988, when he was seeking his party's nomination for the presidency. As the presidential race had just started, it was discovered that much of his campaign speech was plagiarized from the leader of the British Labor party, Neil Kinnock.

He would try again in 2008, but not finding enough support, he gave up his aspirations. However, he was chosen by Barack Obama as his vice-presidential formula.

Family losses

A month after becoming a senator, his wife Neilia (30) and their youngest daughter (13 months) died in a traffic accident while on their way to buy a Christmas tree for the upcoming holidays. Additionally, his two other children were injured. The Chevrolet station wagon the Biden family was riding in was struck by a trailer loaded with corn. According to police reports, Neilia apparently entered the lane of the other vehicle by accident.

This would not be the only family tragedy that the next American president would go through . In May 2015, his eldest son, Beau, died of a brain tumor found in 2013.

These early losses on the part of Joe Biden, have been fundamental in his personality, which many classify as measured and calm.

The nation's "First Doctor"

5 years after the death of his wife and daughter, Joe married his current wife, Jill Jacobs, who was, at the time, a student at the University of Delaware. The new first lady of the United States has two master's degrees from West Chester and Villanova Universities and is a Doctor of Education from the University of Delaware. During Joe Biden's vice-presidency in the Obama era, Jill's title has caused many to refer to her as "Dr. Biden" rather than the "Second Lady," something that may be repeated now that her husband is president.

Hunter Biden, the troublesome son

The most relevant scandal in Biden's political career and that for which he was attacked by his adversaries is the business decisions of his son Hunter. The second of the president's sons has been a lobbyist and public relations officer for several companies for years. Precisely, playing his role, Hunter went against Burisma Holdings, one of the largest producers of natural gas in Ukraine. In 2019, former President Donald Trump (his election opponent) hinted that Biden Jr. received money from the Chinese government and Burisma for deals that could be involving favors from Biden Sr. while he served as vice president.

Hunter also revealed several years ago to the New Yorker that he has been overcoming an alcoholism problem that he lived with for several years and that almost cost him his professional career when he started. In addition, he has tried several drugs.

Additionally, he has also been the talk of the pink press for his apparent affair with Hallie, his brother's widow, the leakage of his name on the website Ashley Madison, and a paternity suit of a woman in Arkansas.

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