Streaming releases for February 2021 (part II)

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February will be a very important month for new content on the main streaming platforms. Let's see the details .

Billie Eilish, Still from the films 'To All the Boys: Forever' and 'Malcolm & Marie'

These are some of the new productions that reach the different streaming platforms. / Photos: YT-AppleTV, YT-Netflix

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Did you like the first part of the news for the streaming world in February 2021? We have a second part where you will learn about many more of the news that corresponds to the main platforms since there are more and more options than ever. Let's see everything that comes for this month!


We start with HBO GO, which will seek to position itself among the main options when users choose a platform. In this case, it has content that the fans of the Chernobyl series will love: La Zona. According to its synopsis, we will find a series where a radioactive disaster occurred.

Its synopsis reveals that we will meet Héctor, a police inspector who sees how his life changes after the return of Marta, his ex-wife, all this while investigating the murders of a place to search for Aurelio Barrero, a smuggler.

We continue with another Spanish series that, in this case, will come to us with a second season: La Peste. We will immerse ourselves in the Seville of the 16th century, where there is a plague epidemic. Yes, something perfect for these moments where we are going through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Later, the story turns into a thriller, as some bodies of people who had been murdered are found, something that was thought of as an "omen" of the end of the world. In short, perfect for those who expect something shocking and that, to a certain extent, has something to do with reality.

In addition, there is also a movie that will be featured in the HBO catalog. After the wedding, a film by Bart Freundlich that is a remake of a Danish film. Its strongest points? Good performances, where celebrities like Julianne Moore, Michelle Williams or Billy Crudup stand out.

The plot will place us in India, since Isabelle, director of an orphanage in that country, decides to travel to New York to meet Theresa, a woman who had decided to donate a sum of money to improve the institution. From there some problems will begin that will return to the much more complex plot.

Disney +

The mouse company will also complete its catalog with different productions. The first one is Mysteries of the Underworld, a National Geographic production that tries to introduce us to some of the most important enigmas on Earth, generating different explanations and conclusions that fans will love.

It will also include one of the most popular Disney series: Glee, in its 6 seasons. The story is about a rather optimistic teacher who seeks to motivate his students so that they can take McKinley High to an art competition so the school can rise to glory.

Glee always managed to woo the adolescent public, presenting typical conflicts of that time through extreme situations, and combining it with artistic winks. In short, a series that will surely fascinate you and that you will be able to discover completely through the Disney + platform.

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Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video menu also brings different news to its catalog. American Gods will present a new narrative arc, where some exponents of diverse mythologies will decide to confront some issues related to globalization, such as the Internet itself.

This fiction is based on the homonymous novel by Neil Gaiman. The trailer for this third season shows us, Shadow Moon, in his new life in Lakeside. In addition, this fantastic production is headed by luxury actors, such as Ian Mcshane, Yetide Badaki or Danny Trejo.

As for the movies, there are inclusions of a huge level. Among them, Her, the film by Spike Jonze and starring the mythical Joaquin Phoenix, stands out. Hypertextual indicates that this film manages to “raise new conflicts in society”, especially on the subject that is dedicated to telling this story.

It's simple, but forceful: virtual love in lonely times. It is an essential work, which manages to explain human emotions in a way never seen before, through a very sentimental perspective.

Apple TV +

Apple TV + also includes major productions. If you are a fan of Billie Eilish, you have to know that a documentary about her will be released: Billie Eilish - The World's A Little Burry, which traces the passage of time of the singer-songwriter during her musical rise, all while writing and recording her album When We All Fall Sleep, Where Do We Go?

On the other hand, the second season of For All Humanity will explain the events to us a decade later, in 1983, during the height of the Cold War, with the tensions between the United States and the USSR. That is, perfect for lovers of history and great conflicts.


First of all, To All the Boys I've Loved Before: Forever, the third film in this saga will be released, which will serve to conclude a romantic story loved by teenage audiences. Inspired by the novels by Jenny Han and starring Noah Centineo, she will seek to continue the plot and close the different arcs.

Call me by your name will also be another of the films that will appear in the Netflix catalog. It is a 2017 film by Luca Guadagnino starring Timothée Chalamet, which tells the story of Elio and Oliver, a teenager and an adult who fall in love in a summer in Italy in the 80s, with all the problems that it entailed in their time .

Finally, Malcolm and Marie will be a new film by Sam Levinson with the popular Zendaya as the protagonist, which will present us the story of a couple, where the man hopes that his film (he is a film director) will be a real success ... until relationship problems appear.

Stay tuned for more news from the mainstreaming platforms!