Colombian defense minister dies from Covid and the surreal GameSpot case

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Carlos Holmes Trujillo

These were the most relevant news of this week. / Photos: U.S. Department of State, Pixabay

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Colombian Minister of Defense dies from covid.

Carlos Holmes Trujillo, who had been working in one of the most important portfolios in the Andean country, died this week due to a complication associated with covid.

The conservative politician was one of the most important pieces of President Duque and had already held the Foreign Relations portfolio at the beginning of the Government. Additionally, Trujillo was one of the most relevant figures on the right and a possible candidate for the Conservative party and the Democratic Center.

Wall Street collides with cyberactivism

This week possibly one of the most important news in the economy went viral. The shares of the video game retailer GameSpot increased by $ 874 in just one week, from $ 39 to $ 380.

This unusual increase was due to the fact that some investment groups that are dedicated to "betting" on the bankruptcy of companies began to risk money due to the situation of a game sales chain that had been showing negative numbers due to the digitization of their business and that they saw in the pandemic the final blow to the company.

Well, millions of ordinary people coordinated in the social network Reddit (very popular in the "gamer" community) to start buying shares in the company, which would cause an increase in the value of their shares.

This move caused Wall Street funds to lose millions of dollars and their only way to stop the losses is to buy those inflated stocks. Several intermediaries began to block operations related to GameStop to "prevent volatility", a decision criticized by many, seeing that it is in favor of large funds and not small investors. Many politicians from different currents have criticized this action, some for showing the inequality of the system and others for defending the "invisible hand" of the market.

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Covid vaccines arrive in Bolivia

The Andean country this week received its first batch of doses of Russian Sputnik V vaccine. This first batch of 20,000 is part of the agreement signed between Bolivia and Russia that provides for the supply of 5.2 million doses. It is estimated that 2.6 million people will be vaccinated in this way.

Feminists in Argentina and Colombia protest judicial decisions against abusers

Both Colombia and Argentina reawakened the feminist movement against two acts of attacks on women. In Argentina, apparently, a Venezuelan migrant was drugged and sexually abused by a man who summoned her for a job offer.

While in Bucaramanga, northeast of Bogotá, a woman reported an assault by a man who was harassing her and her friend who were drinking beer in an establishment. According to the victim, the subject (older adult) constantly repeated words that made the women uncomfortable. Faced with their rejection and recrimination, the man exploded a glass bottle in the face of one of them, so he had to go a health center and have 10 stitches sutured.

The most worrying thing about both cases is that the two attackers are at large, arousing even more anger and rejection from the victims, their families and feminist groups.

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