Who are the best Latin American goalkeepers of the decade?

The list is rated by the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS).

Allison becker

These are some of the Latin American goalkeepers considered the best in the region. / Photo: Reuters

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The goal is one of the most special positions that exist in soccer and there are very few that dare to cover it, not to mention that the goalkeeper is the one who takes the most criticism every time their team loses. Although in this sport everyone seeks to score goals, it is this player who is in charge of drowning out the screams of joy from the fans, doing everything possible so the ball does not exceed the goal and touch the nets. Depending on their skills, goalkeepers can achieve glory with a save or be condemned to oblivion for a mistake.

The qualities that end up triumphing in these small dimensions of the court range from reflexes, speed and positioning, to leadership and decision-making. In Latin America, the list of archers with these capabilities is more than extensive, because on this side of the world they have made great names throughout the years, becoming legends and role models. Rogerio Ceni, José Luis Chilavert, René Higuita, Amadeo Carrizo, Ubaldo Fillol, are just a few figures that have served as inspiration for those who stand out in this decade.

Recently, the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) released the list with the best goalkeepers of the decade, with the German Manuel Neuer (with 183 points), followed by the Italian Gianluigi Buffon (148) and the Belgian Thibaut Courtois (130). It should be noted that of the top 20 only two are not active; the Spanish Iker Casillas, who abruptly withdrew due to health problems, and his fellow countryman Víctor Valdés retired in 2018. To determine the ranking, a points system was formed where the candidates were adding up according to their position at the top that the IFFHS carried out from 2011 until 2020. It should be noted that this annual exercise is carried out by journalists and historians from the 150 countries that are represented in the Federation.

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Do you want to know who are those Latin American goalkeepers who achieved such prestigious recognition? Here we present them:

Keylor Navas

With 93 points, the Costa Rican ranked fifth. Keylor, who stood out in the Levante of the First Division of Spain, had an excellent World Cup in Brazil 2014, being the least beaten and leading Costa Rica to the quarterfinals, a performance that made Real Madrid not hesitate to sign him. Today he is the CONCACAF player with the most titles in Europe, including the three consecutive Champions League with the white club.

Alisson becker

Although he only added 64 points and was one place away from the top 10, the Brazilian is still one of the best in his country. Roma gave him his first opportunity on the old continent in 2016 and it was not out of tune, as two years later his signing for Liverpool became the most expensive in history for a goalkeeper (73 million Euros). In 2019 he won the Copa América, the Champions League, the UEFA Super Cup, and the Club World Cup.

Claudio Bravo

Just one place below Allison, with 51 points, is one of the Chileans of the gold generation. Having Claudio in the archery is synonymous with successes and titles, and this has been demonstrated in his time at Colo Colo, Real Sociedad, FC Barcelona, and Manchester City, all this without forgetting that he was one of the leaders of the champion Chile team of the Copa América in 2015 and 2016.

Fernando Muslera

With 15 points on the list, the Uruguayan goalkeeper is one of the current living legends in that position. With a great rise from a young age, Muslera has been based in Turkey with Galatasaray since 2011, lifting endless trophies. However, its highest peaks have been with La Celeste, as it has defended it in three soccer World Cups, one Confederations Cup, and four Americas Cups.

Sergio Romero

With 15 points like his Uruguayan colleague, "Chiquito" Romero is one of the most beloved goalkeepers in Argentina today. He made the leap to Europe in 2007 and since 2015 he has defended the Manchester United shirt, although with very few minutes on the court. With his team he has won several recognitions thanks to his ability to save penalties, being the semifinals of the 2014 World Cup one of the most remembered.


He closes the top 20 also with 15 points. He is another of the great current figures of Brazil and the substitute for Allison in the Rio de Janeiro national team. Although he arrived at Benfica in 2009, it was not until 2015 that he managed to settle in the club, winning four titles in two seasons. His outstanding stakes made Pep Guardiola and Manchester City the most expensive transfer paid by a goalkeeper in Pounds in 2017.