Bad Bunny and Rosalía: An analysis of their new musical proposal

The new collaboration set hearts on fire on Valentine's Day and gains strength in both artists.

Rosalía and Bad Bunny

The collaboration of these artists took hold on Valentine's Day. Photo: IG-rosalia.vt

LatinAmerican Post | Brandon Matínez Salazar

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"La noche de anoche" is the new video for Bad Bunny with Rosalía, a song that has left great expectations in recent days, as it was one of the most anticipated collaborations since 2019 when a possible romance of both artists was rumored, a romance which ended up being unreal.

It is not the first time that Benito Martínez has launched a premiere on Valentine's Day. In 2018 he released "Amorfoda", in 2019 "Si estuviésemos juntos" and a year ago "Ignorantes " with Sech. However, this time he brought a totally different proposal where he left more than one breathless on digital platforms.

What new visual proposal do the two artists bring?

The Spanish and the Puerto Rican have always had good chemistry both personally and at work. The respect that they transmit to each other has been seen on different occasions and it was not for less the artistic work they developed together.

When we analyze the video we find very interesting details. Starting out the image of Rosalía with an aspect in which she personifies the Mexican painter Frida Khalo, although she has already done so in other musical works, this time her physical appearance stands out to a great extent. To this, we add the alignment of the message of the theme with the feelings expressed in Frida's works characterized by anguish and pain. He makes this reference because the song talks about the fire on the unforgettable night they spent but which in turn leaves a series of insecurities after the sexual encounter and, therefore, tries to make visible that fear of being disappointed. We see how the setting takes place in one place and the position of the artists at the beginning gives us the feeling that we are witnessing a scene in the Romeo and Juliet style of William Shakespeare, which reflects the fear of being betrayed. Likewise, you can also highlight a dreamy atmosphere, as if they were living in a fairy tale.

As for the lyrics, there is a verse that we cannot ignore and it is where Benito shows us that permanent fear of repeating a love tragedy: "Y ya me ha pasa’o que me han ilusiona’o / Y ya me ha pasa’o que me han abandona’o / Y ya me ha pasa’o que no estás a mi la’o / Y ya me ha pasa’o." In literature, this is known as anaphora and consists of the repetition of one or more words in order to emphasize a particular theme to give life to the message.

Therefore, the reasons for the promotional strategy of this collaboration for such a significant day as February 14 are understood.

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How does this song and this video dialogue with the other songs on Bad Bunny's album?

El último tour del mundo is Bad Bunny's most recent album, released at the end of November 2020, a historic year for this Latin artist who has been worthy of important recognitions.

At first it was believed that this album would be his final work and that it was presumably Benito's definitive retirement from the music scene because in track 20 of “YHLQMDLG” he talks about this possibility, whose strategy he used for his new release, but that at the end it was a joke. The message was to let his followers know what his album would look like in an eventual withdrawal from the genre in the distant future, he explained to Apple Music.

However, what the artist did was go beyond the borders of the urban and teach his fans the creative power of his songs, his different musical influences, and the versatility to dabble in rhythms and sounds in his best style, without limitations and risking break all the schemes.

Therefore, the characterization of El último tour del mundo is directly dialogued with "La noche de anoche" because it is a novel proposal that unites her ingenuity with that of Rosalía, who is an extremely talented and creative artist. In that sense, what he sought was to develop a highly commercial product to further expand his career, but also with a lot of symbolism and that is part of the repertoire of his acclaimed album.

Where is each one's career going?

Both artists have represented their music worldwide, breaking social patterns and receiving important awards in recent years. They are two young people with a lot of potential, but also very controversial in the way they express their ideas or their lifestyle, especially Bad Bunny.

In the industry, the numbers never lie and neither do the millions of followers that each one has go unnoticed. This collaboration allowed the networks to turn on side and side and such a proposal reached five million views on YouTube on the same opening day, something transcendental that at the same time will open the door for future recognition and new, even more innovative works.