El Dorado Airport's commitment to the environment and more news

Get to know the most relevant news related to the environment that happened this week from Latin America and the world .

ElDorado Airport flight terminal

These are the most relevant environmental news of this week. Photo: Wikimedia-Baiji

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El Dorado Airport is recognized for its commitment to the environment

The airport in Colombia's capital was recognized by the International Airports Council (ACI), considering it as one of the 4 airports most committed to the fight against climate change . The other three highlighted airports were Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, in the Netherlands; Melbourne Airport, Australia, and San Francisco Airport, United States.

These results were given from the ACI Airport Carbon Accreditation Interim Report 2019-2020 , revealed on February 5, 2021. It was taken into account that airports would actively address their CO2 emissions within the accreditation program of carbon emissions from airports and that these actions were aligned with the purposes of the Paris Agreement for 2030 . It should be noted that, according to HeadTopics Colombia, this Latin American airport stood out for three reasons in particular: "During the pandemic, changes were made to the airport lighting with the aim of reducing 15% of annual energy consumption. Operating cycles of the air conditioning systems, to improve use based on the building's thermal load and the number of passengers. Great progress was made in the air conditioning systems interconnection project, with the aim of achieving energy savings of 50,000 kWh per month , which translates into 8.2t of CO2eq of monthly emissions. "

The European Union seeks to update its regulations on crimes against the environment

On February 8, the European Union began a public consultation process to evaluate the current regulations on crimes against the environment . For this, the international organization will receive opinions from academics, NGOs and companies, as well as ordinary people interested in the subject. In this way, they will have the participation of people with and without expertise.

According to the press release, European Commission reviewed the Directive 2008/99 / EC of the European Parliament (which seeks to guarantee environmental regulations) and will conclude seeking it's objectives. This directive requires EU governments to treat breaches of the organization's environmental legislation as criminal offenses .

This consultation will be open to the public until May 4 , so that the proposal can be reviewed by the end of 2021.

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Bushfire - the Wild Photographer of the Year Winning Image shows terrifying reality

Recently, the Natural History Museum of London, the body that organizes the Wild Photographer of the Year 2020 competition, announced the winner of this title that was up for public vote: Robert Irwin, with Bushfire .

This photograph was taken at the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve in Queensland, Australia, during the wildfires last year . Robert Irwin is the son of conservationist Steven Irwin (commonly known as " The Crocodile Hunter ").

The photograph shows the beauty of Australian biodiversity, while also showing the dangers of a reality where forest fires are increasingly common in a world where global warming is breathing down our necks.