How is the Colombian professional soccer league going?

Since we are in the middle of the season, let's take stock of the best and the worst of the FPC .

Atlético Bucaramanga players

This is how Colombian professional football is developing. Photo: TW-WinSportsTV

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With 9 of 19 rounds played, we can already get an idea of how Colombian soccer is developing.

This season has been marked by huge inequalities between the winning teams and the teams that are fighting for just one victory. Without further ado, so goes the Betplay League.

The best of this season

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this season is the absolute strength that Deportivo Cali has shown. Of 9 games played, he has won 6 of them and has not lost throughout the season, tied only against Envigado, Alianza Petrolera and Independiente Medellin. Cali, at the moment, comfortably leads the standings in first place.

Also undefeated at this time is Deportes Tolima, which has won 5 of its 7 matches, drawing only against Once Caldas and Pereira.

Independiente Santa Fe, finalist last year, had a good tournamente so far, with 5 victories out of 8 matches. They have only been defeated by Atlético Nacional and have drawn against the current champion, América de Cali, and against Independiente Medellin .

Worst of the season

As we mentioned before, the inequality in victories between the teams at the top of the table and those at the bottom is impressive.

In the painful last rung of the league is Alianza Petrolera, which has not been able to win a single match of the eight in which it has participated. His three draws have been (ironically) against Deportivo Cali, Once Caldas and Deportivo Pereira.

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Speaking of Pereira, victory has also eluded this team in its last nine games. Curiously, like Alianza, it has tied with one of the strongest teams, Tolima. He has also drawn with Águilas de Rionegro and the Alianza itself. Pereira at this moment is only above Alianza Petrolera in the standings.

Finally, in these dishonorable mentions we can locate the Boyacá Chicó. They, at least, have won once this season, in this case against Junior Fc, a powerful team. Otherwise, they have lost 6 games, drawing once against Patriotas.

And the champion?

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the season has been the position of the champion of the last edition of the League. América de Cali is ranked 12th in the standings, well below its capabilities. Although they have suffered the absence of two of their best players, Duvan Vergara and Adrian Ramos, it would be expected that the rest of the team would be playing better.

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