The Resurrection of Hombres G will be in this 2021

The Spanish quartet will resume their tour in Mexico at the end of this year .

Image of G-Men in concert

The G-Men prepare to return with their 'Resurrection' tour. Photo: YT-scrambled eggsVEVO

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2020 was a year of many ups and downs for music in general, because it is no secret that the Covid-19 crisis forced countless artists around the world to cancel concerts. Precisely, Hombres G had to go through that same thing last March 2020, when they had to cancel up to three presentations in Mexico to safeguard the health of their fans and staff members.

The Spanish band , at that time, was promoting their Resurrection tour throughout the Latin American nation , where they had confirmed a total of 9 presentations . However, due to the health emergency, they were unable to perform their concerts in Puebla, Aguascalientes and Guadalajara , being forced to postpone them a couple of times. It should be noted that in March of that year, Hombres G were honored at the Arena Ciudad de México with a plaque on the floor of the stage's Hall of Fame for being the rock band in Spanish with the most sold out in the history of the venue. .

A year later, the quartet has announced that they will return to Mexico again, not only to retake the three cities that were missing, but also to present their new album: La Esquina de Rowland, which could be released during this month. The tour, conditions permitting, will have two more cities : Monterrey and Mexico City . The dates are between November 24 and December 11 .

Mexico, a key country for your success

In November 2020, the journalist Javier León Herrera published, together with the members of the band, the book entitled Nunca hemos sido los guapos del barrio. There, they narrate the history of the Spanish group from the moment they got together to play, as well as a lot of anecdotes and difficult moments they went through, especially in Mexico. In fact, they emphasize that it is that nation that has returned enormous affection and that is why it has not left their hearts.

During the videoconference for the launch of the book, vocalist David Summers -who shared the screen with Rafa Muñoz, Dani Mezquita and Javi de Molina- expressed: «When we do a new project, we always think of our people in Mexico, because at this very moment, After almost 40 years of career, it is still a wonderful audience. Every time we are in Mexican lands we feel at home. I can only say that we have Mexico locked up in our hearts forever » .

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Likewise, the leader of the band confessed that being locked up for the quarantine served to a good extent to dedicate himself to writing, working, and not wasting time: "It hit me hard, and the way I have to scare away depressions is by writing. " . For his part, Muñoz described that moment as a "brutal blow to the face of the human being" , since we have always thought that we can dominate nature, when in reality things are not like that.

«Muchas veces pienso: algún día seré viejito y ya no iré a México y recordaré las vivencias, lo bien que me la pasaba, cómo hemos podido conocer el país de arriba abajo, porque en los años 80 nos gustaba recorrerlo en carretera, conociendo a las personas, pisando la tierra: es algo de lo que no nos arrepentiremos nunca: México nos ha devuelto ese cariño multiplicado por mil». - David Summers.

For now, it only remains to wait a little longer for the premiere of his thirteenth studio album, which will feature 14 new songs. Likewise, they would be close to performing for the sixth time at the Arena Ciudad de México, thus spreading their legend on that stage.