Women take the streets of Latam and Lula returns to politics

These are the most important political news of the week in Latin America.

Deaths during the March 8 march in Bogotá

These are the most relevant news of this week. Photo: Fondo Lunaria Mujer, TW-FondoLunaria

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Women take over the main cities of Latin America

Thousands of women marched around the world on March 8 in commemoration of International Women's Day. The causes of the different and varied feminist movements were made visible all over the planet. In Latin America, equal opportunities and the fight against gender violence marked the discourse throughout the length and breadth of the region.

Large capitals such as Santiago, CDMX, Buenos Aires, Bogotá, etc. witnessed massive marches and sit-ins. Despite its great peaceful influx, there was a record of several sources of violence that were harshly repressed by the public forces of the cities.

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Colombia: Government accused of bombing guerrilla camp with minors

The revelation of a new bombing by the Colombian government of a guerrilla camp in the department of Guaviare (southeast) and in which at least one minor would have died has caused great controversy. Defense Minister Diego Molano did not accept or deny the death of a minor but justified the attacks and described the minors recruited by illegal groups as "war machines."

The opposition repudiated the death of minors in combat camps, as well as the adjectives used by the minister, and assures that this is framed as a war crime. The Institute of Legal Medicine confirmed that among those killed by the bombing, there is a 16-year-old teenager.

Brazil: Justice annuls the sentences against former president Lula da Silva

A judge of the Federal Supreme Court of Brazil reversed all the convictions that the former president had received related to the Lava Jato corruption case. In this way, Lula could once again aspire to the Brazilian presidency. However, the court's decision does not exempt him from having committed a crime, but rather an administrative error in his judgment. Now his case will go to the Federal Court of the Federal District and it will be analyzed if the socialist politician committed any crime after, supposedly, accepting property from the construction company Odebrecht, in exchange for contracts.

Mexico: Daughter of the former president of the PRI hid more than US $ 10 million in Andorra

Controversy in Mexico due to an investigation by the newspaper El País in which it is revealed that the daughter of the former president of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), Manlio Fabio Beltrones, and current senator, Sylvana Beltrones, would have deposited millionaire sums of money in Andorra, a small European country that many consider a tax haven. The Spanish media found that between 2009 and 2010, the congresswoman deposited 10.4 million dollars in the Banca Privada d'Andorra (BPA), when she was barely 26 years old and did not hold any public office, but her father worked as party coordinator in the Senate.

The El País investigation also revealed that together with the representative for the state of Sonora, her mother, Sylvia Sánchez, also "opened two other accounts in the BPA between 2008 and 2009 - one in her name and another with the highest level of privacy. , numbered - that did not get to have movements. The mother of the parliamentarian declared to the BPA that her intention was to deposit in this financial institution 2.8 million dollars of the supposed sale of two apartments in Miami ".