When social networks reveal "irregularities" in vaccination for Covid-19

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In Ecuador, a couple from Tiktokers and in Colombia, an official from Bogotá, gave themselves away through publications on their social networks.

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Entities investigate irregularities in vaccination procedures. Photo: Freepik

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Ecuador's case

María del Alma Cruz and Salomón Doumet, Ecuadorian ticktotkers, are investigated for allegedly having been beneficiaries of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine at the Teodoro Maldonado Carbo hospital in Guayaquil. The case came to light after a video was posted on social networks where the couple is observed entering the vaccination point.

This situation arises when in Ecuador phase one of vaccination is being initiated, which includes all health personnel, the elderly, vulnerable population, police and military members, teachers, garbage collection personnel, and people who belonged to strategic sectors.

The criticisms that went viral on social networks are directed to the fact that the two young people posed as hospital residents, while first-line health personnel has not yet received immunization, and another user mentions that Salomón Doumet is the son of a doctor from the hospital where you received the vaccine. According to the Ecuadorian Social Security Institute (IESS) and the Teodoro Maldonado Carbo Hospital in Guayaquil, both influencers received the 2 doses of the vaccine.

The former president of the Board of Directors of (IESS) and current secretary of the General Cabinet Secretariat, Jorge Wated, on a super Twitter account indicates that: "In relation to this case, a complete investigation is being carried out by the IESS and if there are irregularities will be acted with the full weight of the law. "

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This event adds to the series of criticisms that the Vaccine Plan has received, especially because the confidentiality of the list of beneficiaries has been made public to know whether or not there is transparency in this immunization process. Among those who are relatives of politicians and influential positions.

Colombia: Political scientist is investigated for "getting ahead of the vaccination line"

Meanwhile, in Colombia the case of Carolina Cárdenas, a Colombian political scientist and official of the Bogotá Health Secretariat, also became viral, who was vaccinated despite not being part of the first group of vaccinated: health personnel who work in the first line of attention against the Coronavirus in the country and not be older than 80 years of age.

After the case went viral, the manager of the Integrated Subnet of Northern Health Services of Bogotá, Jaime Humberto García, rejected the vaccination of this woman who is part of said institution. The official defended herself and assured that she has "contact with around 400 older adults a month, a population that has been severely hit by the pandemic, not only physically, but mentally. And now I ask this question, if a relative of you, or an adult Major, you carry out activities with me and I am not vaccinated, am I not putting the lives of these people and their families at risk? ”.

Control entities, such as the Attorney General's Office and the Superintendency of Health, will be in charge of the investigation to determine if there were irregularities and issue sanctions.