Latin American pride at the 2021 Oscars

Here we present you the most important Latin American movies that achieved a nomination for the 2021 Oscars .

Still from the film 'The Sound of Metal'

These are the most important Latin American prides that reached a nomination for the Oscars 2021. Photo: YT-Prime Video

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Despite the fact that last year the film industry was hit hard by the pandemic, the traditional Academy Awards will be held; And like every year, Latin American artists have shown that they are capable of succeeding in this highly competitive sector.

Here we present you the most important Latin American movies that achieved a nomination for the 2021 Oscars.

The Mole Agent, the Chilean documentary that can make history.

A feature film that talks about loneliness in a nursing home will be one of the five nominations for best documentary. Maite Alberdi is the director of this documentary; a Chilean woman who will undoubtedly have the leading role in the Latino community, as it was the only film that managed to position itself in an academy category.

The film shows how the days go by in the nursing home, seen through the character of Sergio , an 83-year-old man who infiltrates as a "spy" to find out if one of the inmates has been abused. During the mission, Sergio begins to discover the day-to-day life of this place with an expression of empathy, which allows us to reflect on age, loneliness and how we treat older people today.

This documentary was released two months before the outbreak of the pandemic, and it seems destined to reveal one of its grim realities of the global health crisis.

Although the background of "The Mole Agent" is set in Chile, the story portrays a universal reality, which is why the film has already won an audience award at the San Sebastian Film Festival. In addition, it was nominated for the Goya Award for Best Ibero-American Film and was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Documentary.

Maite Alberdi has already told stories about the elderly and other vulnerable sectors, being responsible for other recognized documentaries such as "La Once" (2014), inspired by her grandmother, and "Los Niños" (2016), which portrays the reality of infants with Down syndrome.

This documentary is now available on the Netflix platform.

Three Mexicans for "Best Sound"

The Hollywood Academy announced that Mexican and Mexican Michelle Couttolenc, Jaime Baksht and Carlos Cortés Navarrete were nominated for an Oscar for Best Sound for their work on Sound of Metal.

The film, directed by Darius Marder, tells the story of a couple who hang out between concerts and the truck in which they live. Their lives go are the complete opposite of the stereotype of the musical genre, as they combine routines of yoga, nutrition smoothies, and jazz.

The drama revolves around a medical discovery that predicts the future deafness of the protagonist so his career will be affected by these circumstances.

Percussions and strings are part of this film, where sound design is undoubtedly the strongest trait.

The role of Michelle Couttolenc is notable in the nomination, as she is the first woman to be nominated for an Oscar in this category. You cannot miss this film on the Amazon Prime platform.

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What we expect in the following days

It has undoubtedly not been the best year for Latin American countries in the film industry , and the rejection of films that had the potential to be nominated for the best international film awards did not go unnoticed.

Criticism will fall on the academy, but outside of that, this April 25 let's get ready to support those who will worthily represent the region at the 2021 Oscars.


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