All the Feels: 5 Thoughtful Ways to Announce the Birth of Your Child

You've probably seen the classic films where fathers pass out cigars to friends and family after the birth of their new son or daughter.

Costa Lamprou

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These days, that likely isn't the most common way of announcing a child's birth, as most people call loved ones, send text messages, and/or post to social media.

Then again, you might want to get back to the basics when your first or latest little one makes his or her way into the world. The question is how to thoughtfully announce your child's birth in the modern world, filled with technology and shorthand methods. There are plenty of ideas. Here are five to get started. 

1. Create a Baby Blog 

Document the full experience of pregnancy and birth by creating a baby blog, which you can start at any point. How you decide to add content to your blog is up to you. From sharing photos and general information about your future son or daughter to showcasing some of their first milestones as a newborn, you can find simple-to-use blogging sites to start capturing moments in your baby's development, culminating in the announcement of your child's birth. To broaden your audience, share each blog post, especially the one focused on your baby's birth, to social media.

2. Design a Comic

Whether you're the creative type or turn to others for ideas and inspiration, designing a cute comic is a fun way to announce your child's birth. Keep it simple by using or capturing meaningful photographs of you, your significant other, older children, and pets to create a picture story that tells a great deal of the birth announcement without words. Add detail with some thought and dialog bubbles overhead, in true comic fashion, to make it clear a baby is on the way or has arrived. 

3. Post a Yard Sign 

You see yard signs for kids who made the honor society or have recently graduated high school or college. So why not do the same to announce your child's birth to the neighborhood? Fun families who enjoy sharing their children's accomplishments should love this idea. For many parents, the joy is so overwhelming that they can't wait for everyone to know, and yard signs get the word out fast to those you see most.

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4. Send an Email to Co-workers and Other Professional Colleagues 

You might take a somewhat different approach to let colleagues know about the birth of your child. While you feel and want to share a great deal of emotion, it may be better to temper all that excitement when talking to your boss or clients. Send a professional yet warm and friendly message, letting everyone know how happy you are to welcome your new family member. 

5. Create Something Special and Specially Worded 

Sometimes you want to go all-in with the feels, letting your emotions run free. Each child in your life is special and deserves his or her moment basking in your loving glow. In that vein, search for unique birth announcements to showcase your new bundle of joy. Use a photo of your newborn to create a warm card or postcard, then write a message that your child will look back on fondly as they grow up, knowing how much you treasured their arrival. 

Go with the Feels to Welcome Your New Baby 

Whether "your feels" present as humor or sentiment, there are many ways to announce the birth of your child in a unique and meaningful way to friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors. The choice is yours: Decide on a blog, email, comic, yard sign, or highly personalized card to share your joyous news.

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