Soccer as an Inheritance: Families with 3 generations of soccer players (part two)

Some families became real dynasties within professional soccer over several generations. Let's get to know the main ones .

Patrick Kluivert and Justin Kluivert

Let's look at other families that have about 3 generations of renowned professional footballers. Photos: Wikimedia, soccer.ru-Антон Зайцев

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In the first part we had seen the case of Deian Verón, the Estudiantes de La Plata midfielder who managed to make his debut with the pincha shirt and continue with a legacy that encompassed his father and grandfather: Juan Sebastián and Juan Ramón, respectively, both idols. of the Argentine institution.

However, the truth is that there are more cases of professionals who belong to a third generation with respect to their family. In many cases, they even managed to transcend and surpass the records of their ancestors. Let's see the second part of the most iconic cases of surnames that came to have 3 generations of soccer players.

Nascimento family

Yes, Pelé also belongs on this list. Contrary to popular belief, the Brazilian, who is one of the most important soccer players of all time and who recently had his own documentary on Netflix, comes from an athletic family. The star, who managed to win 3 World Cups with his team, is the second of his surname.

The first had been his father, Dondinho, who also played in the 1940s for Atlético Mineiro and for the now-defunct Bauru. Then Pelé appeared, who managed to eclipse the entire world during his stay at Santos and the New York Cosmos in the United States, but mainly in the Brazilian National Team.

Pelé had several children, 2 of them soccer players. The first is goalkeeper Edinho, who played in the 90s for various clubs, including Santos, Ponte Preta and São Caetano. The second is Joshua, who debuted in 2014 for Santos, just like his father did.

Hernandez Family

One of the best known stories in Mexico. Currently we have Chicharito Hernández, a soccer player who, according to Transfermarkt, belongs to the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS, but who had his fruitful steps through Manchester United, Real Madrid or Bayer 04 Leverkusen, among others. In his family there are two previous generations of soccer players.

As for his father, Javier Hernández Gutiérrez, we know that he managed to stand out in Mexican soccer during the 1980s. This allowed him to play the 1986 World Cup in Mexico in which they managed to reach the quarterfinals, where Germany would end up beating them. .

However, the first generation was also important, as Tomás Balcázar, a historic Chivas striker, played in the 1954 World Cup, although on that occasion they did not end up passing the group stage. If we take into account that Chicharito had 3 participations in these competitions (South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014 and Russia 2018), we are talking about an authentic World Cup family.

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Kluivert family

Again, we have another batch of top soccer players. Let's start with the first generation, which featured Kenneth, a left-winger who was in the ranks of SV Robinhood, especially in the 1960s. He had a son who achieved much greater international success.

We are talking about Patrick Kluivert, the Dutchman who played in the 90s and 2000s. The forward had a really important stage in renowned clubs, such as Ajax, Milan, PSV and Valencia. This led to him becoming the third-highest all-time scorer for the Netherlands , as well as the 12th highest scorer for Barcelona.

However, the imprint of his family does not end there. On the contrary: the legacy continues to spread, now with his son Justin. The German RB Leipzig soccer players has a market value of 18 million euros, which makes him one of the main promises of world soccer. Will he be able to surpass his father?

Koeman family

Finally, we cannot pass up another important generation of Dutch. As for the first generation, we have Martin, a soccer player who mainly had his career at Groningen in the 60s, in addition to wearing the jacket of his team, although without much continuity.

Your son is the best known member of the family. The current technical director of FC Barcelona, Ronald Koeman, was one of the most prominent defenders of the 80s, characterized by having a huge scoring quota. In addition, he managed to stand out in several teams -among them, the one he directs today-, but also in Ajax, PSV or Feyenoord.

However, the third generation continues through his son Ronald Jr, who occupies the position of goalkeeper of the TOP Oss of Holland, in the second division. While it seems less likely that he will achieve the success and relevance that his father had, it is remarkable that they have been able to maintain the legacy of a surname for several decades.

As we have seen, on occasions, the most talented footballers in history come from families that seemed to have been born for this sport, but have also known how to continue the trajectory through new generations.