7 Tips To Travel Around the World Again

Traveling has been one of the activities we have had to erase due to the pandemic. However, with the hope of successful vaccination programs comes as well the prospect of going back to the airports.

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Women travel alone, with friends and families. In the internet era, a million tools help us to plan our adventures and make traveling turn from a dream to a plane ticket. Here are some useful tips to plan, and make real your dreamed adventures. 

1. Saving is a must

Unless you have endless funds, saving is essential. One way to do this is to allocate a fixed amount or percentage of your monthly income to your travel savings. Another option is to save and change your money to another currency so it is easier not to spend it than to have to exchange it back to your currency and be able to use it. It doesn't matter how you save, just be disciplined and have the journey in your sight. 

2. Create a budget

For this, there are different web tools such as Numbeo that can help you create a budget for your trip. Numbeo allows you to compare prices between different cities. You can check the difference in the cost of a meal in an inexpensive restaurant with a domestic beer in New Delhi Versus the prices in Buenos Aires. Explore the options to see the average price of public transport, food in markets and even entertainment activities like going to the cinema.

3. Insurance is essential

Don't forget that this is another investment that has to be in your budget if you travel abroad. They require it to enter most countries and it is your health that prevails wherever you go, especially during COVID-19 times.

4. Fly in a smart way

Many flight searching websites such as Skyscanner, Kayak, and Trivago will help you find the cheapest options for your flight. Remember you can use the options to see the whole month and choose the cheapest dates in comparison, choose the option "Anywhere" to see cheap destinations if you have flexible times and adventurous plans. The Google Flights search engine allows you to filter the number of stopovers and compare the prices with charts and grids.


5. Find the best accommodation from free to luxury for less

Travelling has become more accessible thanks to the internet. Platforms such as Couchsurfing, offer free accommodation in exchange for cultural exchange or just out of gratitude from travelers that have been hosted before and like to meet new people. Make sure you check thoroughly the background and references of your hosts. Airbnb allows you to rent rooms, apartments, and even full villas directly from the owners. Hostelworld compiles the best-ranked hostels based on travelers' reviews on location, atmosphere, security, and cleanliness, amongst others. You can find mixt gender or single-gendered dormitories and most of them provide a safe box for your valuables, hostels are the ideal accommodation for solo travelers, it's easy to meet traveling buddies. 

6. Find the activities for you

Couchsurfing hangouts is a GPS service that shows you travelers nearby and activities other travelers or travel enthusiasts are organizing in the local area. Lonely Planet offers online guides, destination reflections, and bucket lists filtered by destination and the categories of adventures, family, road trips, romance, budget, and others. Tripadvisor is a crowdsourced list of activities to do based on topics or cities, for example, you can find the top spots to eat in a particular place. Finally, Facebook groups such as: Traveling in Peru, Women Who Travel, Women Who travel in Southeast Asia, or Latinos in Prague, can help you find people and activities in your destinations. Many times people are looking for a travel buddy or someone to show around their hometown.

7. Exchange your abilities for accommodation

Some companies like Workaway and Worldpackers offer volunteering experiences that give accommodation and food in exchange for work. With a yearly subscription fee, you have access to over 50.000 opportunities in more than 170 countries worldwide. Worldpackers is a community based on collaboration. Through an online platform, it connects travelers looking to exchange their skills for accommodation with hosts from all around the world. Both platforms say they wish to democratize traveling and make it more accessible for everyone. 

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