Who is Duván Zapata?

Duván Zapata, an expert Colombian soccer player with a profession rooted in Europe.

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Currently positioned at the Atalanta Club of Bergamo, the agreement will make him spread his brilliance in the history of the Champions. Photo: IG-duvanzapata91

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This athlete is a famous soccer protagonist in the forward position - center forward, currently positioned at the Atalanta Club in Bergamo, from approximately January 17, 2020, with a contract until June 30, 2023. Apparently, the agreement It will make him spread his brilliance in the history of the Champions.

Zapata's life before becoming a professional

According to, Hale Hendrix expresses on the Life Bogger website "True Football Stories", that their origins are of a mixed ethnic group descended from African-American relatives, they were even raised (he and his older sister) in the Córdoba neighborhood, in Colombia, for many years. The young boy played soccer with his classmates, as a pastime on the pedestrian street near his house. However, he was completely excited to transform himself into a great and famous soccer player, in order to buy a PlayStation.

On the other hand, he had the full support of his parents (Elfa Banguero and Luis Zapata) who argued that his education should be accompanied by an extra-chair school, where they will motivate him in the training of a professional in his soccer career. In this sense, this decision was made by his parents due to his great talent in sports, specifically in soccer.

Pass through the Colombian League

Next, his parents emphasized that he will enter the childhood levels of the Club Local América de Cali and thus be able to develop power, abilities, skills, and aptitudes that will guide him to be an excellent professional in his much-applauded virtue.

Over the years, the champion was climbing the ranks and taking positions during several periods, making a successful start at the Club Local América de Cali, in which he marked a beginning in his professionalism with his coach Luis Gómez. Later, he was in the Escarlata Club where he worked in 59 games, taking out of these 8 great goals, in this team the instructor Diego Umaña commanded.

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How is your career abroad currently?

Currently, the practitioner obtained a contract with the Atalanta Club of Bergamo until 2023, however, the latter wants to extend the agreement until 2024. Therefore, a detailed study is being carried out to improve his stipend and thus be able to rule out clubs interested in the player. That is why this strategy will provide the athlete with momentary stability and the opportunity to shine in Serie A, with his goals at that club.

On the other hand, at the beginning of 2020 exactly on February 24, he had a complicated and serious injury, when the soccer player played approximately 30 minutes of the Atalanta versus Real Madrid game. For this reason, this contusion was on the soleus of the left leg and unfortunately, he was out of the picture for 18 days. Obviously, this caused an alert in the Atalanta team, although finally the coach Gian Piero Gasperini announced that it was a “much lighter injury than last year”. It is even ranked 34th among the best scorers in the UEFA Champions League, in the 2020-2021 season, with 3 super goals.