Without crisis: The 5 brands that grew the most in 2020

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Despite the pandemic and the economic crisis it caused, these 5 brands increased in value throughout 2020.

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Some brands have managed to reinvent themselves to grow or at least not fall sharply after the global economic crisis. Photo: Unsplash

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After a global economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which according to the World Bank contracted by 4.3%, the biggest drop since World War II, some brands have managed to reinvent themselves to grow or at least not fall strongly. According to Interbrand, a consulting firm specialized in the value of brands and industries, in 2020, only 43% of brands increased their value while 57% decreased, a considerable drop percentage taking into account that in 2019 only 29 % registered some decrease.

The top 5 of Interbrand's “Best Global Brands 2020” ranking continues to be dominated by technology companies led by Apple, followed by Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Samsung, since it has been a year influenced by digital transformation, streaming and storage in Cloud. On the other hand, only 5 brands have entered the ranking: Instagram, YouTube, Tesla, Johnnie Walker, and Zoom. The only Latin American company present in the list of 100 brands is Corona, the beer giant from Mexico occupies position 78 with a value of 6.563 million dollars after a slight growth of 3%.

The brands that grew the most in 2020:

5. Adobe

The American software company reported a great year where it took even more advantage of its Document Cloud storage service as well as its Experience Cloud marketing platform. In addition, Adobe plans to improve and expand its PDF service, however, its main strength continues to be its design software which they work to make increasingly compatible with other systems and useful for amateur users supported by artificial intelligence. Adobe has also focused on improving its services for smartphones, according to ZDNet, due to this set of factors Abode has grown 41% in 2020, with a value of 18.206 million dollars, ranking 27th.

4. Netflix

The world's largest streaming platform continues to grow exponentially after registering 26 million new subscribers in the first half of 2020 to reach 195 million users. In addition, the American company has had a positive impact due to the quarantine due to the pandemic. Likewise, its own content, recommendation algorithm, and extensive library have become a differentiator with respect to its competition, according to DW. Netflix has grown 41% in 2020 and is ranked 41st on the list with a value of $ 12.665 million.

3. Spotify

The only non-US brand in the top 5 comes from Sweden, the world's largest music streaming service already has 155 million paid users. However, Business Insider notes that this growth in subscribers is due to free trials and discounted payments, which is why the company is decreasing its earnings per person, 8% to be exact. However, Spotify's long-term plan continues to be to reach new paid users through these strategies, in addition to continuing to strengthen its podcast section. In 2020 Spotify presented a growth of 52% for a value of 8.389 million dollars and placed in position 70 on the list.

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2. Microsoft

Microsoft's improvements have a first and last name: Satya Nadella, who was appointed Executive Director of the company in 2014, and since his arrival, the company has grown 465% according to Xataka. Nadella has left Microsoft's roots behind and has focused on innovation and adaptation through its cloud storage, artificial intelligence, and other services, adapting them to the mobile ecosystem of Android and iOs, forgetting the failed Windows Phone, and reimagining the operating system Windows desktop with version 10. In 2020 Microsoft grew by 53% reaching a value of 166,001 million dollars and reached third place.

1. Amazon

Undoubtedly the pandemic has considerably enhanced electronic commerce and Amazon is the world leader in this sector, in fact, its founder and owner Jeff Bezos has become the richest person in the world, in April 2020 the platform was selling $ 10,000 per second, and now it is the second most valuable brand in the world only behind a powerful Apple that still has a notable difference. The key to Amazon has been its wide repertoire with more than 600 million products and more than 3 million suppliers, it also has a cloud storage service that covers 50% of the demand in the United States with clients such as Unilever and the CIA, according to Infobae. In 2020 Amazon grew 60% and has a value of 200,667 million dollars.