This is how the 5 best teams of the decade according to the IFFHS are going

This week the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) published the list of the 10 best teams between 2011 and 2020 in Conmebol .

Players of the Brazilian Guild team

We bring you the list of the 10 best teams between 2011 and 2020 in Conmebol. Photo: Lucas Uebel / Grêmio FBPA

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In the list there are 5 Brazilian teams, 2 Colombians, 2 Argentines and 1 Paraguayan . 7 of them won the Copa Libertadores and 9, at least, reached the final of some international competition. Here is a review of the 5 best clubs during this decade.

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Although it only won one international tournament , Gremio is one of the teams that almost always reaches the semifinals of the Copa Libertadores and that is why it is the best team of the decade. In Brazil, during this period, they have 1 runner-up in the league; 1 Brazilian Cup ; 3 regional championships; 1 Copa Libertadores and 1 Recopa Sudamericana ; and 1 FIFA Club World Cup runner-up for a total of 6 titles.

Gremio's most iconic player during this era was undoubtedly Pedro Geromel . However, figures such as Marcelo Grohe, Luan or Everton were crucial for the team's achievements locally and internationally.

For now, Gremio disputes the preliminary phase of the Copa Libertadores and is second in the Gaúcho regional championship behind International.

Atlético National

Undoubtedly, the Paisa team was the most outstanding in Colombia in terms of records. His last decade was the best decade in the club's history . The team obtained 6 local leagues; 4 Cups; 2 Superleagues; 1 Libertadores Cup; and 1 Recopa Sudamericana. There were 14 titles in total .

Notable players include Alexis Henríquez , who won 13 of the 14 titles won in the decade. There were also other important players like Franco Armani and scorers like Dayro Moreno, Jéfferson Duque and Miguel Ángel Borja .

Now, the team is the leader of the Colombian league and is in the preliminary phase for the Copa Libertadores.

River plate

Although the decade began with them in the second division after the remembered promotion match against Belgrano, River Plate is perhaps the most successful club in the area . At the national level, in addition to promotion, he got 1 league title; 3 Cups; 2 Super Cups; 1 Championship Cup; 2 Libertadores Cups in 3 finals; 1 South American Cup; 3 South American Recopas; 1 Suruga Bank and a third place in the FIFA Club World Cup for a total of 15 titles.

Its highest figure is not a player, but coach Marcelo Gallardo , who won 12 of those 15 titles. However, Leonardo Ponzio is the flagship of this decade with more than 300 games played, and Rafael Santos Borré stands out as one of its most visible scorers.

River Plate is currently sixth in its local league group and is awaiting the group stage draw in the Copa Libertadores.

Boca Juniors

The 'Xeneize' team has been lucky at the local level, but for this decade international titles were elusive. They won 5 local leagues; 2 Cups; 1 Super Cup; 1 League Cup in 2 finals; and 2 Copa Libertadores runners-up for a total of 9 titles this decade.

Carlos Tevez has been his maximum standard in recent years after his return from European Soccer, but there have also been notable players such as Cristian Pavón and Esteban Andrada during these 10 years in the team.

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Boca Juniors awaits fot his rivals in the Copa Libertadores for the group stage and in the local league it is sixth in its group.


Without having won anything abroad, and without playing any international final during the decade, the Paraguayan team remains in the ranks for its local performances. They won 5 leagues in 7 finals; and 1 Cup. With those 6 local titles and 2 South American Cup semifinals, he managed to climb to fifth place in the rankings.

Its most important figure is Óscar Cardozo, but Luis Cardozo and Antonio Barreiro have been fundamental in achieving titles at the local level in the last 10 years.

Currently, Libertad is the leader of its league and will have to face Atlético Nacional in the last preliminary phase of the Copa Libertadores.