When music is the protagonist in Wrestlemania

The most important event in WWE has been characterized by having great musical presentations .

Flo Rida during his presentation at Wrestlemania

The most important company in wrestling has had music as its greatest ally for live shows, especially when it comes to Wrestlemania. Photo: YT-WWE

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The United States is probably the country that best knows how to connect sport with music. Any of its sporting events of great magnitude has the presence of an artist or band to entertain thousands of spectators. WWE is not the exception since the most important wrestling company has had music as its greatest ally for live shows, especially when it comes to Wrestlemania.

Those who have had the opportunity to witness these events know that entertainment is everything. Although the center of attention falls on the matches, the musical presentations give that explosive touch to the moment. Whether it is to introduce a wrestler or simply a performance on stage, the singers and groups make music the main protagonist.

As every year, Wrestlemania becomes one of the most anticipated sports shows both in the United States and on other continents, thus demonstrating the incredible reach that WWE continues to have. Their latest guest artists include: Snoop Dogg, taking the wrestler Sasha Banks to the ring after rapping his entrance song, Pitbull, performing the main theme of the 33rd edition, or Joan Jett, who rocked in the preview of the 2019 stellar fight.

The list of names is as extensive as it is varied: Rev Theory, Salt-N-Pepa, Chris Warren Band, Run-DMC, Living Color, Mark Crozer and the Rels, Limp Bizkit, among many others. Each of them contributed in their own way that musical talent that they carry in their blood, making Wrestlemania an entertainment show par excellence. That is why this time we bring you five presentations that left an indelible mark on the memory of the fans who attended these events.

Skylar Gray (Wrestlemania 31)

In 2015, the song Rise by the American singer with DJ David Guetta was the cover letter for one of the most remembered and spectacular editions of all time. It should be noted that Skylar had her performance on stage accompanied by Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker.

Flo Rida (Wrestlemania 28)

In April 2012, the city of Miami received this show for the first time, which was also the third to be held outdoors. One of the official presentations fell on Flo Rida and her hit Wild Ones, which she performed live to make everyone present jump.

Kid Rock (Wrestlemania 25)

For the 25th anniversary, in 2009, WWE chose Houston as its headquarters, where for the third consecutive year it broke the record for the highest audience. The music was provided by Kid Rock, one of the artists most passionate about wrestling and who has had the most extensive performance on the event -so far- after singing several of his hits.

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POD (Wrestlemania 22)

We move to 2006 when the city of Chicago was the scene of the 22nd edition of Wrestlemania. On this occasion, the rock group performed the entrance theme of Rey Mysterio, a Mexican idol who managed to win the World Heavyweight Championship in a Triple Threat fight against Randy Orton and Kurt Angle.

Motorhead (Wrestlemania 17)

With the city of Houston once again hosting it, this time in 2001, the event became the highest-grossing event in WWE history until it was surpassed eleven years later. The mythical rock band was in charge of giving a more special touch to the entrance of Triple H, who in the end lost his fight against The Undertaker.