End of the war in Afghanistan, political crisis in Haiti and more news

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The most important political news from Latin America and the world

United States President Joe Biden

These were the most relevant political news of this week. Photo: TW-POTUS

LatinAmerican Post | Santiago Gómez Hernández

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The United States announces the end to the war in Afghanistan

US President Joe Biden announced that his country will withdraw from the longest war in which his country has participated. The Democratic president set the deadline for the withdrawal of the troops, September 11, the day on which the twentieth anniversary of the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers and for which the invasion of this Central Asian country began.

The United States still maintains about 3,500 men in Afghanistan, who have been playing various roles, both security and advisory to members of the Afghan government. In this way, Biden would consolidate the desire that his predecessors Obama (of which Biden himself was vice president) and Trump always had, to complete a peaceful and safe withdrawal from the country.

The president also clarified that the military withdrawal does not mean a withdrawal of the diplomatic, humanitarian and advisory presence to his allies in the country.

Haiti: Prime Minister resigns

The poorest nation in the hemisphere is entering a new institutional crisis. Joseph Jouthe tendered his resignation amid a serious security crisis plaguing the island.

In this way, President Jovenel Moïse immediately appointed the current Chancellor, Claude Joseph, as the new Head of Government, replacing Jouthe. Moïse is also experiencing a political crisis, since since 2019, he has not called for new elections and is criticized and unknown by the opposition.

Jouthe had been in office since March 2020 and made his decision known on Twitter, but without giving further explanations. The opposition has been criticizing the government measures that have not been able to stop the wave of insecurity that this nation located on the island of Hispaniola is experiencing. Just last weekend, 12 religious were kidnapped by criminal gangs in search of ransom.

Tension increases on the Colombian-Venezuelan border

After several weeks of conflict between the Venezuelan Armed Forces and illegal Colombian groups between the state of Apure in Venezuela and the department of Arauca in Colombia, Nicolás Maduro announced the dispatch of militiamen to the area.

According to the Venezuelan president, the sending of a thousand men is to fight the "war of the entire people in defense of sovereignty and the land against irregular, delinquent, criminal and terrorist groups that come from Colombia."

Guillermo Lasso, President-elect of Ecuador

Last Sunday, the former Ecuadorian right-wing banker, Guillermo Lasso achieved victory in the first round by beating correista Andrés Arauz. In his third attempt, Lasso managed to win the most important office in the country and thus, be elected as the first right-wing president after more than a decade.

Peru will elect its president in the second round

Last Sunday national elections were also held in Peru. IN the midst of one of the worst political crises that the Andean country has experienced, after having 3 presidents in less than a week in 2020 and several protests in between, Keiko Fujimori and Pedro Castillo achieved the first 2 votes in the middle of 18 candidates.

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Now, both politicians will go back to campaign in order to get the majority of the political support of Peruvians for June 6, the date on which the second round is scheduled.