The NFL would change its Covid 19 protocols for the 2021 campaign

Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that Mexico would host a match on the regular calendar, something that was announced for 2020 and could not be fulfilled.

NFL players during a game

The NFL prepares the implementation of new protocols to prevent the spread of the pandemic during its games. Photo: Unsplash

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The results in 2020 were not as expected, perhaps that is why the NFL contemplates (currently) eliminating several of the restrictions in its current protocols for COVID-19 for players, coaches and personnel in general who need to be vaccinated.

Through a memorandum, the league detailed the possible changes to the protocols that were in force during last season and that, for now, govern the current recess, and of which the 32 teams that make up the circuit have already been informed.

Daily tests would be one of the main additions for the next campaign. As well as establishing quarantine periods for having close contact with an infected individual; and of course, strictly forbid participating in social gatherings with other vaccinated individuals. At first glance, everything will be much more strict.

Important phrases are extracted from the document such as "it is also anticipated that clubs that achieve a certain percentage of vaccination within their staff and players, could receive the endorsement to relax restrictions on meetings, meals and use of changing rooms", and all this comes to collation for a popular desire of the circuit to be able to play with their stadiums full in 2021, something that did not happen in the previous season.

Going to be interesting to see how the NFL handles testing and covid protocols leading up to and during the draft https://t.co/1lccbZiSyq

Ready for packed stadiums?

The first thing is that when the season starts in September all those involved are vaccinated and for this the idea is to work together with the players' association. Goodell has already launched an idea "we will use all our public platforms to spread the importance of getting vaccinated."

The stadiums full of fans, it must be clarified, will largely depend on the COVID-19 protocols of the local authorities .

“We are going to analyze the plans to allow the return of all the fans to the stadiums. We all want to see them back. American football is not the same without fans ”, compiled ESPN.

After permission from the league, the teams began their preseason work on April 19 with voluntary conditioning programs, with the exception of a mandatory mini-camp that they must comply with in June.

Games in Mexico and England

Commissioner Goodell announced that the league plans to hold a game again in Mexico in 2021 , this after the appearance of vaccines against COVID-19, and the successful testing of health protocols in its own events, the NFL decided to resume its commitments internationals in Mexico and England.

“We are planning the international games in 2021, that is our focus. We will obviously be in close contact with our partners in the United Kingdom and in Mexico and we will make sure to do it in the safest way, if at any point we notice that we cannot, we will make a determination, "Goodell told AP and replicated by Modernidades .

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Of course, to play in Mexico you need some requirements first. Despite the fact that since 2016, the Aztec nation has hosted a regular season game until that continuity was interrupted in 2019 when the Azteca Stadium, host of the meeting, did not meet the quality standards defined for the match between Chiefs and Rams .

Later, in 2020, the scheduled meeting had to be suspended as well, this time due to the pandemic and thanks to a joint decision with the Players Association and the NFL medical commissioners. This time, the celebration of the international tour called NFL International Games, is subject to compliance with the protocols that are determined and according to how the pandemic evolves.