The fetal death of the Super League and other sports news

Here everything about the short life of the Super League and other sports news of the week.

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From its very conception, the Super League received wide rejection from all fronts. Photo: Pixabay

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The League that was born and died in a week

The Super League, conceived as a new competition in which some of the wealthiest clubs in Europe will face off, was born on April 19 with 12 teams (Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atlético, Milan, Arsenal, Chelsea, Inter, Juve, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham). By April 21, only two teams (Barcelona and Real Madrid) were part of that project. What happened? Why did what was supposed to be the future of soccer die so quickly?

It turns out that from its very conception the Super League received a wide rejection from all fronts. UEFA, the media, fans, politicians, and even the players and technical staff of these teams themselves opposed the formation of this new league.

"The creation of a Super League, which is a closed business, supposes a division of the current institutions, the leagues, the federations, UEFA and FIFA, is something that is outside the system", said the president of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, summarizing very well the general argument of the great soccer institutions against the Super League.

The UEFA president was more succinct: "it is a spit in the face of soccer and our society," he said.

The fans also made themselves heard, both on social networks and at the headquarters of the different clubs. "Supergreed" read a banner left outside the Stamford Bridge stadium.

Finally, the joint pressure from various sectors of society was too great and the 6 British clubs withdrew during the course of April 20.

From there, it was only a matter of time before the rest of the Super League collapsed. On April 21, Inter Milan and Atlético de Madrid also distanced themselves from the project.

Even so, Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid and the Superliga, refuses to raise the white flag “This project is on 'stand-by'. We are all together, reflecting on the future ”, he announced in a statement.

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Tottenham sack José Mourinho

One piece of news that could not come at a more inappropriate time was the departure of José Mourinho from Tottenham. It was announced 12 hours after Tottenham confirmed their participation in the Super League.

According to Daniel Levy, Tottenham president, Mourinho was fired because Levy feared 10 players would ask for transfers in the summer after feeling "disillusioned with his leadership style."

Juan Guillermo Cuadrado breaks records at Juventus

With two passes, the Colombian broke this week in his match against Parma the record for most assists in a single season at Juventus. With 16 assists, he surpasses Paul Pogba and Pirlo