Xiye Bastida, Another Young Voice That Stands Up at Climate Summit

Activist Xiye Bastida claimed that López Obrador’s speech had fallen short in terms of climate solutions.

The Woman Post | Catalina Mejía

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The activist stated that all countries should come to terms with the fact that our era for fossil fuels is over after the Mexican President announced the discovery of three oil reservoirs.

Xiye Bastida, who is the new celebrity among environmental activists, and is known as the Mexican Greta Thunberg, stated at a Latin-American Climate Summit, that presidents must understand that the era of fossil fuels is coming to an end, and we have to aim for renewable energy. She asked López Obrador to stop subsidizing fossil fuels and to stop the construction of infrastructure linked to the oil and gas sector. Secretary Antony Blinken introduced Bastida as someone very aware of climate change and of the lack of big initiatives to mitigate its effects.


However, supporters of López Obrador, accused her of being influenced by the right-wing of by dark interests when she made her intervention.

In her speech, Bastidas asked the presidents to recognize that the climate crisis has been the result of those who maintain harmful practices such as colonialism, oppression, capitalism, and greenwashing, practices that some companies make when they do green marketing or promote their products as ecological when they are not. She also highlighted that the assistants of the climate summits are usually from the northern hemisphere, which has used harmful practices, while the people from the global south who have suffered the worst consequences of climate change are underrepresented in such scenarios.

The environmental activist was born and raised in Mexico but is now based in New York, and she makes part of the organization Fridays for Future, an international movement promoted by Greta Thunberg that celebrated the triumph of Joe Biden but also differed in his approach towards the mitigation of climate change. Along with Fridays for Future, Bastida organized several marches in New York, claiming for more serious commitments for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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