The new generation of quarterbacks from the NFL draft

Trevor Lawrence, chosen by Jacksonville Jaguars, leads the 2021 class of quarterbacks that will make his entrance to the circuit in the coming season, and in which Zach Wilson and Trey Lance also stand out..

Trevor Lawrence, Mac Jones, Zach Wilson, Trey Lance and Justin Fields

A new draft was completed prior to the NFL season and the cards are drawn. Photos: IG-tlawrence16, IG-macjones_10, IG-zachkapono1, IG-trey.lance, TW-justnfields

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A new draft was completed prior to the NFL season and the cards are drawn. As expected, Clemson's Trevor Lawrence was the first choice and went to the Jacksonville Jaguars , but four other names come to the fore after being selected in the first picks, so it is ideal to know their qualities and what they can bring you to their teams.

Lawrence, class of 1999, is really at a high level and is the highest rated prospect since running back Saquon Barkley in 2018 . Clemson's quarterback is a once-in-a-ten-year quarterback prospect, and of course, he'll have to prove it in the ecosystem of a run-down team like the Jaguars.

Lawrence, has also been compared to Andrew Luck and his evaluations before Luck was the first overall in 2012 as he has a passing precision that is highly valued in these times of defensive pressure. His handling of the pressure cannot be left behind as the record with Clemson was impressive, 34-2, so he lost the final.

His decisions when he has the ball and his high-speed vertical throw, as well as his elusive movements in the box, hold him in high regard. To sum it up, he's the definition of a franchise quarterback and it's just what Jacksonville needs in such a competitive division and after being last the season before.


Pats is reinforced with Jones

With an impressive figure of 1.91 meters and 97 kilos, Mac Jones arrives at the New England Patriots to try a restructuring after the departure of Tom Brady and the irregular year that his substitutes Cam Newton and Jarret Stidham had .

Jones' best trait is where he places the ball. Although he lacks the movement skills of the top four prospects at the position in this class, he is a prospect with ample room for improvement due to his ability to throw from the bag. For now, he will not be the starter, but he will reinforce the position a lot.

In Alabama, Jones stood out for precisely that, completing 77.4 percent of his shipments last season on his way to winning the national championship , although some critics reinforce the theory that he played with a very talented group, which made things easier for him.

New times at Jets with Zach Wilson

With the ability to escape pressure and extend plays in his second reaction, Zach Wilson stands out for his confidence and ease, as well as being an aggressive passer with an above-average talented arm .

A player with these qualities seems to be just what the Jets need, a low-esteem team that will be able to challenge opposing defenses with deep deliveries, second-tier windows and vertical passes, even in extreme situations .

From the fast and compact movement to throw, he seems to be a solid option as a distributor in the West Coast system, as well as to distribute the ball and have options to run and throw and for that he will have offensive lineman Alijah Vera Tucker, the other. draft pick that places the New York team as the best reinforced . In conclusion, Wilson has the skills to play and be successful right away.

49ers bet on Trey Lance

Quarterback Trey Lance, who played for North Dakota State, stands out for his ability to also do damage with his legs because how he runs! And what impresses the most is his speed in relation to his weight, 102 kilos.

After playing the Super Bowl in 2020 , the San Francisco 49ers missed just one season later the lack of leadership of their quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo , and partly because of that, they were eliminated. This guy Lance has something to do is that he makes decisions and processes them quickly.

Lance's projection is that, in a short time, he should be a starter in the NFL due to his passing production and based on the deception he can generate when he runs. It is a constant threat both by air and on the ground.

In 2019, Lance helped North Dakota State to the national title , and this time his concepts of “play action”, moment of decisions while running were critical to the achievement. Although he does not make as much noise as the others mentioned here, he is a very interesting quarterback.

Chicago gets stronger with Justin Fields

Chicago Bears have been competing well for years, but, failing in the decisive game, something is missing. The team's management is aware that it must continue to be reinforced and that is why it chose quarterback Justin Fields at pick 11 .

What can Fields award? precision in deep passes , so his main strength is directed to the passing game. Also, it strengthens an offense in play movement concepts in which the quarterback runs to the wings behind the opponent's defensive line and in plays designed to run. We are talking about a pitcher and runner.

Fields completed 61.3 percent of his passes in which the ball flew 20 or more yards in the 2020 season with Ohio State . His numbers were nine touchdowns and only one interception. If Chicago takes exploit his cualities a little without giving it so much responsibility in the first few changes, it can become the franchise man.