Footballers in favor of Colombia Strikes, Champions League finals and other sports news

Here the most important sports news of the week.

Falcao and René Higuita

These were the most relevant sports news of this week. Photos: IG-Falcao, IG-HiguitaRene1

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There will be an English final of the Champions League

Manchester City will face Chelsea in the final of European soccer, in a match between the two teams that have the fewest goals against in this competition. The City comes as the big favorite in the finals, with a cumulative 4-2 against Borussia Dortmund and 4-1 against PSG. Chelsea, who have a much more defensive game, only needed to score 5 goals from the quarter-finals to compete in the final. An intriguing final is coming, where English soccer will be the main protagonist.

Radamel Falcao and James Rodríguez spoke about the National Strike in Colombia

After almost a week of strikes in Colombia, Falcao was one of the first high-profile soccer players to speak out on the violence that takes place in the protests in his country. Through his social networks, "El Tigre" called for dialogue and rejected the violent acts that have been registered. “I ask that bridges be built between the different political, economic, and social actors in my country. I cry out for people to be heard in their requests." declared in his networks. You can see his full message below:

James Rodríguez, the most famous Colombian soccer player today and Everton player, also made a message for his followers on social networks.

Even retired players from the Colombian National Team like Rene Higuita took advantage of their position and prestige to support Colombians on social media.

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Mourinho joined Roma

José Mourinho has already got a job again, mere weeks after being expelled from Tottenham. Now he will go to work in Serie A, as the new coach of Roma. This team is not going through the best of times, in fact, they are practically eliminated from the Uefa Europa League and are seventh in the Serie A standings. For this reason, the signing of the experienced Mourinho is ideal for them.