The most anticipated Hollywood premieres (Part I)

Latin American Post reviews some of the most striking upcoming premieres of the seventh art that promise to fill theaters to recover the economic crisis of the industry .

Still from the film 'A Quiet Place Part II' and 'Dune'

These are some of the premieres that we believe will have an impact among specialized critics and of course among fans of the different film genres. Photos: YT-Paramount Pictures, YT-Warner Bros. Pictures

LatinAmerican Post | Gonzalo Martin Schiffer

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The film industry is one of those that has suffered the most from the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. This has been reflected in the postponement of many important premieres that were scheduled for 2020

However, with the creation of different vaccines to combat covid, 2021 promises to be a year of rebound for the cinema , with more tranquility among the public when it comes to attending theaters, always under strict protocols. In the coming months, different film productions are coming, let's see below what awaits us in the remainder of the year. In this first part, we have selected some premieres with dates already defined, premieres that we believe will have an impact among specialized critics and of course among fans of the different film genres:

Dune (premieres in October)

From the visionary Canadian director Denis Villeneuve. This mega production based on Frank Herbert's 1965 novel of the same name, promises an unforgettable narrative and audiovisual show . After several stumbles in previous adaptations like David Lynch's, there is hope that this faithful adaptation will finally be the right one to honor an iconic science fiction novel. The hopeful reasons are several; the team of screenwriters and the vision of a director with a great career with films (Arrival, Sicario and his great work in the continuation and sequel to Blade Runner). Another big reason we expect a lot from Dune is its cast, full of stars and established actors and actresses. Some of the figures chosen include Timothée Chamalet, Zendaya, Jason Mamoa, Oscar Isaac, Dave Bautista and Stellan Skarsgård , among other talented actors.

The Green Knight (premieres in July)

There is a lot of mystery surrounding this fantastic film, at least we can award it several laurels for its incredible advances, which take us into a medieval world with a demand for fantasy linked to monsters, knights, witchcraft, magicians and folk terror. As the protagonist we have the British star actor with Indian roots Dev Patel, other figures such as Alicia Vikander and Joel Edgerton also participate . Behind the scenes, seasoned director David Lowery imparts his surreal and fantasy aesthetic with touches and role-playing style. Another letter of introduction so that we take The Green Knight into account, is that under its distribution and production there was nothing less than the supervision of the A24 production company, synonymous with quality auteur cinema.

Venom: Let there be Carnage (Releases September)

Venom 1 was a complete disappointment for the critics and press, not so for the fans who praised the funny and rambunctious Alien Symbiote, filling theaters around the world. Much of his drawing factor was the choice of Tom Hardy to play the most beloved antagonist in the spider-man universe. The English actor has a large number of followers on his social networks and is undoubtedly a great "reinforcement" for any major production that wants to raise a lot of money. In this second installment of Venom, the leading role of Hardy as Eddie Brock will continue, plus the participation of the great Woody Harrelson as the new enemy and the promising direction of Andy Serkis .

No time to die (premieres in September)

At the closing of the James Bond franchise under the performance of Daniel Craig , we expect a lot of action and adrenaline as agent 007 has accustomed us. The fans also has an additional ingredient: we have as antagonist of this installment the actor Rami Malek (protagonist of Bohemian Rapsody) , who will surely add a lot of talent and quality to the film.

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The Suicide Squad (premieres in August)

The enigmatic villains and antiheroes of Dc Comics united this time under the direction of the acclaimed James Gunn. With a renewed aesthetic, it is expected with this reboot of the saga, to leave the forgettable 2016 film in the past, still having Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn and adding John Cena and Sylvester Stallone as renowned actors .

A Quiet place 2 (premieres in May)

Sequel to A Quiet Place, the continuation promises to redouble the bet to scare us even more with these monsters and from what we saw in the previews it also exposes humans as a threat in an apocalyptic world where silence and fear reign.

Fast & Furious 9 (Releases June)

Tenth exclusive installment for fans of racing and illegal dives and not to mention for fans of the action genre. With a display of actors of the stature of Vin Diesel, John Cena, Michelle Rodriguez and Charlize Theron .  

The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It (premieres in June)

The Warren Files close his cinematographic universe in a terrifying new case of demon possession. A great combo of macabre scenes that will give you goosebumps is expected to give a spectacular closure to the investigations of the Warren couple.

Black Widow (premieres in July)

The time has come for the character of Black Widow for his individual film, highly anticipated by the Marvel fandom. The great actress Scarlett Johansson again plays the former secret agent of the Soviet Union , accompanied by other great actors such as Florence Pugh, David Harbor and Rachel Weisz.