Discover 5 Languages of Self-Love

The quality of the relationships we establish with other people depends on our predominant love language.

The Woman Post | Blanca Mery Sanchez (@soyblancamery)

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The most intimate relationship that can exist is the interaction with ourselves..Knowing our language of self-love allows us to feel more confident, joyful, and balanced.

The five languages ​​of love are: physical contact, words of affirmation, acts of service, quality time, and gifts and details.

1. Physical contact

If this is your language, you are one of those who feel well-being when you enjoy a massage, take care of your body, and like exercise.

Ideas to boost it: plan a SPA day (it can be at home with whatever you have), enjoy a relaxing massage or self-massage, learn tapping and deep breathing to release your stress, and do stretching or yoga before bed.

2. Words of affirmation

Do you love hearing compliments even more than receiving a gift? So positive affirmations are your thing, take care of your self-talk so that you keep your mind in tune with the possibilities.

Ideas to empower it: write a list of affirmations and read them out loud three times a day, make a list of achievements throughout your life. Send a letter to the future from the future page you can write something that you will receive on a special date.

3. Acts of service

If small actions such as preparing a tea, taking a relaxing shower, or applying essence on your pillow before going to sleep give you joy, this is your language of self-love.


Ideas to empower it: take care of your space to have mental clarity, prepare foods that you enjoy and do you good, learn new topics that help you to be better, take therapy if you need it, and set aside a moment of the day to take care of yourself.

4. Gifts and details

Investing in yourself and what you need is important to you. You give yourself gifts for birthdays and special dates. You block time to make yourself love him and prioritize it, if these are characteristics of you, this is your language of self-love.

Ideas to empower it: identify something that can make you better, a course that you can invest in, a book that you will enjoy reading or a trip that you want to take and focus your efforts on saving to give yourself that gift you deserve.

5. Quality time

Is it a priority for you to have time alone in which to enjoy your hobbies or hobbies? Do you feel like you need a time of day to meditate, read, pray, or just take a break from people? If you answered yes, this is your language of self-love.

Ideas to empower it: Schedule some time alone to rest and do what makes you happy.

Each language is a particular way to recharge our emotional reserves, none is better than the other, they are just different, and knowing them allows you to take better care of yourself and have a happier life.