Our 3 favorites to win the NBA playoffs

Today the NBA playoffs begin. These are the teams that we believe can be champions.

Team Players' Utah Jazz

Due to the start of the NBA playoffs, we decided to make a short list of the teams that we think have the best chance of winning. Photo: IG-utahjazz

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Due to the start of the NBA playoffs, we decided to make a list of the teams that we think have the best chance of being champions. Here they go:

Favorite: Utah Jazz

Jazz has had a completely unusual and spectacular season. Of the 72 games in the regular season, they lost only 20, earning the best record in the entire league.

The success of the Jazz is due to the quality of its players. It can be said that they have two starting superstars in Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert, but in reality, they have almost 8 players who can meet 20 points or more each game. This allows their best basketball players to have regular or even bad nights, knowing that their teammates can deliver.

On the other hand, the Jazz also dominates the shot of 3, the most important play in the league at the moment. The Utah team leads the NBA in shots of 3 made and attempted per game.

Utah is third in the NBA in the offensive ranking and fourth in the defensive ranking, which leaves the team first in the net ranking, according to BasketballReference.

The media favorite: the Brooklyn Nets

All expectations are on the Nets to win these playoffs. The Brooklyn team bought every possible piece to win a championship. They not only have two MVPs in Kevin Durant and James Harden, but also several high-level stars like Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, and Joe Harris.

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The directors of the Nets have known how to spend their money well, as this team finished second in the Eastern Conference. Your secret? They have an unstoppable offense. BasketballReference rates the Nets' offense as the best in the entire league. On the other hand, the weak point of this "super team" could be its lack of defense, which is really egregious. The Nets are the twenty-third (23) worst team in the league on defense, one of the worst. This leaves them seventh in the net ranking.

The overlooked candidate: the Milwaukee Bucks

They all seem to overlook the Milwaukee Bucks, even though they feature two-time MVP Giannis Antetokoumpo. Their early exit from the playoffs last season is worrisome, but don't forget that Giannis' injury hurt them quite a bit. With one more year of experience under their wings, it is very possible that they will see the finals this time.

Bucks are currently sixth in the offensive ranking of teams and we say in the defensive ranking, which leaves them as the fourth best team in the league in the net ranking, according to Basketball Reference.