WHO: All approved vaccines are effective against all variants of Covid-19

The world begins to see the end of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus thanks to the vaccines.

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The decline in the numbers of infections around the planet gives a hopeful message to return to the life that human beings had before. Photo: Pexels

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After almost eighteen months having to face the serious consequences in the health system, in the social, political and economic environment, the decrease in the numbers of infections in countries with advanced vaccination programs against Covid gives a hopeful message to return to the life that human beings had before .

Possibly there is still time for all countries to be out of risk of COVID-19, as poor nations have been unequal in vaccination campaigns with respect to developed countries . And it is also likely that they themselves will find it harder to get out of the crisis that the pandemic produced.

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The development of vaccines not only set a historical precedent for having been the first antidote to be produced in a short time , but it has also mitigated the impact of the virus on vulnerable populations, which in turn has already saved millions of lives. However, simultaneously with the process and implementation of the approved vaccines, different variants of COVID-19 were appearing in Europe and America. This new event occurs just when the world was waiting to eradicate the coronavirus, calling into question its effectiveness and the emergence of hypotheses that could be few functional.

However, this situation only remained a hypothesis, since it was necessary to wait for the corresponding studies to analyze the response of the vaccines to the new variants that emerged, such as the British and the Brazilian . So, after a few months investigating the World Health Organization, it gives us good news and the verdict is that it is completely guaranteed: the vaccines that have been approved so far give a highly favorable result against all variants .

WHO confirms effectiveness against new variants

Dr. Hans Henri P. Kluge, WHO Regional Director for Europe, assured that any vaccine that has been currently approved is confirmed to be effective in combating known variants of COVID-19 .

“Let me emphasize that all variants of covid-19 can be controlled in the same way . With social and public health measures. And that all the covid-19 variants that have emerged so far respond to the approved vaccines available. "

On the other hand, although providing this information produces a great sense of tranquility to the effort made by the scientific community to minimize the pandemic, Kluge was also blunt and clarified that we cannot see this complacently since the situation in Europe and especially in the Latin American countries remains precarious .

“In several countries there are pockets of increasing transmission that could rapidly evolve into dangerous resurgences. Vaccines can be a light at the end of the tunnel, but that light should not blind us,” he said.

In conclusion, this is a very important step to understand the behavior that the virus has had in all this time since its appearance and how science itself can continue to advance in the update of future vaccines to totally eradicate it and one day be free of risk.

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