The 5 youngest billionaires of 2021

Despite their young age, these young people have billions of dollars of fortunes.

Katharina Andresen and Austin Russell

These are the 5 youngest billionaires on the Forbes list. Photos: IG-kgandresen, IG-russellmakes

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After the publication of Forbes magazine about the billionaires of 2021 – with fortunes exceeding one billion dollars – a total of 2,755 billionaires were counted, a higher number than expected due to the economic crisis due to the pandemic, However, 660 new members emerged, in addition to 86% of these people increasing their fortune throughout 2020 and the first quarter of 2021, being the American and Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest person on the list with 177 billion dollars.

In terms of age, only 15 people in the ranking are 30 years old or younger, of which it is Evan Spiegel who has the greatest fortune among them, with a cumulative of $ 11.7 billion thanks to the creation of the Snapchat application. Spiegel is currently 30 years old but he was at 25 that he entered the Forbes list due to the success of the application. Now, who are the 5 youngest billionaires on the Forbes list?

5. Austin Russell

At 26 years of age Russell already belongs to the group of billionaires with a fortune of 2.4 billion dollars. Born in the United States, Russell is a “self-made” billionaire as he generated his own wealth from the founding of Luminar Technologies. His idea began when he was just 17 years old and studying at Stanford University, which he dropped out after obtaining a $ 100,000 scholarship for entrepreneurs in 2012 offered by billionaire investor Peter Thiel, money that Russell used to found his company. Luminar designs and manufactures sensors for autonomous cars that allow it to "visualize" its environment, one of its best-known customers is Volvo. Russell owns about a third of the shares of Luminar, a company that is valued at $ 8 billion.

4. Katharina Andresen

Coming from Norway, Katharina is a 25-year-old girl who already has a net worth of 1.4 billion dollars, a fortune she obtained after her father assigned 42.2% of his company to her when she was just 10 years old. age. Ferd is the name of his father Johan Andresen's company, a tobacco company bought by the Andresen in 1849 and had been under the family's management for five generations, until in 2005 Johan sold his stake and turned the company into a group of investors who remain active to this day, according to the BBC.

3. Alexandra Andresen

Yes, Katharina Andresen's sister also received 42.2% of Ferd's shares, the difference is that Alexandra is a year younger than her sister, but has the same fortune with 1.4 billion dollars. According to Tu Otro Diario, Alexandra stays out of business and is dedicated to horse racing, where she competes professionally and has won several awards. On the other hand, Katharina has focused on studies to manage the company in the future.

2. Wang Zelong

Born in China, Wang Zelong is only 24 years old but a fortune of 1.7 billion dollars, although there is little information about him, it is known that his wealth comes from companies producing titanium dioxide in China, calls CNNC Hua Yuan Titanium Dioxide and Lomon Billions Group, this chemical is widely used in various industries such as pharmaceuticals, personal hygiene products, paint, ceramics among others.

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1. Kevin David Lehmann

Hailing from Germany, Lehman is the youngest billionaire of 2021, at just 18 years old, his fortune of 3.3 billion dollars is due to the inheritance left to him by his father Guenther Lehmann four years ago to be received on his birthday. adulthood. Guenther is a German billionaire who started the Pfannkuch supermarket chain and then invested in drugstore retailer DM in 1974, when he only had one store. DM currently has 3,700 stores in several European countries and is the most successful pharmaceutical company in Germany. The growth was such that Guenther sold its stake in the supermarket in 1998. According to El País, nothing official or official is known. Unofficial of Kevin and his father, in fact there are no verified photos of them nor do they have any profile on social networks.

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