Laboratory Covid theory and other news of the week

It's Friday again and we bring you our summary with the most relevant in politics, environment and sports .

Woman inside a laboratory using a microscope and Tiger Woods

These were the most relevant world news this week. Photos: Pexels, IG-TigerWoods

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The weekend is coming once again and we know that you want to stay updated on what happened this week in Latin America and the world. So we have brought you this summary with the most relevant news chewed so that you end the week informed.

Maduro conditions the negotiation with the lifting of sanctions
The Venezuelan president makes it difficult for him to sit down to negotiate with the opposition. It puts as a requirement 3 points: the lifting of sanctions, the return of bank accounts and the recognition of state institutions (under official control). Although previously, Maduro had given a "wink" by appointing two opponents and 3 Chavistas to join the National Electoral Council.


The United States revives the theory that Covid 19 was created in a laboratory

Although the WHO had ruled out the creation of the virus from a laboratory, the intelligence services said they are evaluating only two possible scenarios: animal-to-human contact or an accident in a laboratory. These statements once again strained relations between the two countries that the Biden administration plans to improve.

"We are depleting the resources of nature," says the UN Secretary General

On the occasion of the International Day of Biodiversity, celebrated on May 22, the Secretary General of the UN, António Guterres, gave a message in which he highlighted several key points to take into account in relation to this celebration and the progress made. they are doing from different organizations.
In the first place, the Secretary mentioned that the COVID-19 pandemic came to remind us of the closeness between the human species and nature and that precisely the crisis that arises from the pandemic allows us to rethink that relationship and the way in the one we execute it.

Guterres stated that “We need to protect nature, restore ecosystems and maintain a balanced relationship with the planet [...] And for this we must have better policies that promote the responsibility of governments, companies and individuals. We must collectively participate in a movement in favor of change ”.

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UNEP publishes figures for ecosystem restoration

On the occasion of World Environment Day, to be celebrated on June 5, the # GenerationRestoration campaign of the United Nations Environment Program has published data and figures on the investments that have been made to restore ecosystems to throughout the world.

One of the most relevant data is that half of the world's GDP depends on nature. In other words, our world economy is more closely related than ever to the ecosystems that, in many ways, provide us with natural resources. Likewise, it is estimated that land degradation can lead to a 12% reduction in world food productivity, this would cause a rise in the cost of food by up to 30% by 2030.
With these data, UNEP seeks to draw attention to the importance of attention from governments, industry and civil society to restoring the ecosystems on which we as a species and society depend.

Tiger Woods speaks from his rehab

Three months after his car accident, Tiger Woods gave an interview that gives an account of his rehabilitation process. "I understand more about the rehabilitation processes due to my past injuries, but this was more painful than anything I have ever experienced," the golfer said in an interview. Woods had open fractures to his right leg tibia and fibula, so the improvement process focuses on strengthening that part of his body.

Regarding the possibilities of returning to the world of golf, Woods responded: “My physical therapy has kept me busy. I do my routines every day and am focused on my number one goal right now: walking on my own. Taking one step at a time ”.

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