Who are the Eternals? Meet the new characters of the Marvel Universe

The Marvel Studios blockbuster will be directed by Chloé Zhao.

Still from the series 'Eternals'

Among the 11 films that will be hitting the big screen between 2021 and 2023, Eternos is third on the list with a release date for next November 5. Photo: YT-Marvel Entertainment

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The start of phase 4 of Marvel is getting closer and closer. Among the 11 films that will be hitting the big screen between 2021 and 2023, Eternals is third on the list with a release date for next November 5. Recently, Marvel Studios surprised their fans with the first teaser trailer for this blockbuster that will feature an incredible cast of actors and actresses.

For those who do not know these characters, the Eternals had their first appearance in 1976 thanks to Jack Kirby. They are a race of superhumans created by the Celestials (alien beings that travel the cosmos conducting experiments on various planets) when they visited Earth millions of years ago to start the evolutionary process on the planet. Their mission is to protect our world from the Deviants, another race with whom they share an origin.

And what makes the Eternals special? Well, they are telepaths, super strong and practically immortal, in addition to the fact that they can fly, transmute organic and inorganic matter, create illusions, teleport and generate various forms of energy with their bodies. Another relevant detail is that groups of three Eternals - at least - can merge into the Uni-Mind, a powerful psychic entity that embodies the collective power of each being that formed it.

A powerful race

The Eternals are beings that can enhance a specific ability to the detriment of the rest. They do not have free will, for they cannot harm the Celestials or leave the Milky Way. They are basically programmed to defend their creators from any attack. For this film, there will be a total of 11 characters and here we present them to you. Get to know them!


This character will be played by Salma Hayek, despite the fact that in the comics he is a man. He was a member of the Polar Eternals who settled in Central America, where the Aztecs believed that he was the God Quetzalcoatl and the Incas Tecumotzin. He is considered the greatest warrior of his race and can communicate directly with the Celestials.


He is a very intelligent being and possesses excellent abilities in the transmutation of matter. He was part of the KGB, where he enjoyed torturing people and was an important member of the government of Vorozheika (a fictitious country northeast of Chechnya). He shares his birthplace with Ajak and his cousin Ikaris. He will be played by Barry Keoghan.


As he is the physically strongest of his race and the best melee combatant, he is often mistaken for Hercules. He suffered temporary blindness for which he physiologically developed a kind of radar that allowed him to orient himself. Don-seok Ma will be the one who brings the character to life.


The most recognized of all the Eternals and great protector of humanity. His levitation ability is the most powerful of his race. He shares a birthplace with Ajak and a former affiliation with the Polar Eternals. He will be played by Richard Madden.

Kingo sunen

Coming from a Japanese settlement, he dedicated centuries of his life to studying the ways of the Samurai, becoming one of the best on the planet. Although he has powers, he prefers to fight in a traditional way. He will be played by Kumail Nanjiani.

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Lauren Ridloff will give life to this character who will also change sex compared to the comic. Makkari is known to be the fastest of his race, the prophet of the Sleeping Celestial and the one who has been most involved in events on earth: he studied philosophy with Plato, taught writing to the Egyptians, and was even mistaken for Mercury in ancient Rome.


The only thing that is known about his origins is that it comes from ancient Greece. He is the greatest inventor of his race, having among his creations powerful weapons like the one that Kingo Sunen possesses. As he does not know his origin, Phastos lives in constant pain and melancholy that lead him to refrain from fighting. He will be played by Brian Tyree Henry.


She has the ability to transmute matter, an ability that she has developed better than anyone within her race. She chose the human Dane Whitman to be her Gann Josin, a telepathic-empathic bond that turns the Eternal and her companion into soulmates for life. She will be played by Gemma Chan.


Another character from the comic that was sex swapped and will now be played by Lia McHugh. She is the most powerful Eternal creating illusions, an ability that she takes full advantage of as she is considered a joker and a liar. 


Daughter of Zuras, the leader of the Eternals. She has a great intellect, prowess in battle, and the ability to emit energy rays. She gave birth to twins from her relationship with Kro, leader of the Deviants. She will be played by Angelina Jolie.

Dane Whitman / Black Knight

The only one on the list that is not Eternal. He is a great horseman, an expert melee combatant, an excellent swordsman, and a remarkable geneticist. He rides a winged horse and carries the Ebon Sword, a weapon forged by the magician Merlin with the metal of a meteorite, making it indestructible and immune to all kinds of magic. He will be played by Kit Harington.


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