Luis Miguel, the series: a wonderful second season

Luis Miguel the Series, Based on the Life Of the Successful Latin American Singer, Is One Of the Best Shows on Netflix.

Still from 'Luis Miguel, the series'

After the premiere that allowed the Mexican to become one of the most prominent personalities on the planet, all the fans were waiting to see the second batch of episodes. Photo: YT-Netflix

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Luis Miguel is one of the personalities of the moment. Of course, we are not only referring to his successful musical career, but also to the real adaptation of his story in the format of a television series on the Netflix platform.

After the premiere that allowed the Mexican to once again be one of the most prominent personalities on the planet, fans were waiting for the second batch of episodes to learn the background of his story. 

 Let's see why this second season improved what was seen before.

Luis Miguel, the series: season 2

At first, there were certain prejudices about the Luis Miguel series. Produced by Netflix, there were many preconceived opinions that indicated that this fiction would only be a set of ballads, with generic narratives. 

None of this ended up being true: the life story of Luis Miguel is interesting enough to be explored from different angles. This can be seen in the second season, where Diego Boneta masterfully interprets the sentimental conflicts of the character.

In this second season, the series makes the formula more efficient, as it focuses on the people around Luis Miguel. The talent of this Mexican soloist attracted both people who wanted to help him, and those who wanted to take advantage of him.

Especially successful in Latin America, season 2 explores some of the artist's romantic relationships, such as the one he had with Erika. This season also explains how the ways of fame can cause temptations that lead to heartbreaks, as happened with the flirtation with the host Daisy Fuentes.

The second season not only shows us the most brilliant artistic and personal facets of Luis Miguel, but also those that are darker. This can be seen in the eighth chapter, as it reveals the existence of the estranged daughter of the singer. 

Known as Michelle Salas, in real life Luis Miguel had repeatedly denied his paternity over her. Generally, he attributed these rumors to the "malice of the press", so the singer left her after 3 years. However, after DNA tests in 2007, Luis Miguel acknowledged her as a daughter. 

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Also, in this second season, there was a "bomb" on the end that teased a third season. Luis Miguel finds out about the romance between his daughter and his best friend, Mauricio Ambrosi, something that affected him in his intimate and sentimental aspect. In addition, he and his younger brother, Sergio Basteri, end up separating, as he ends up leaving Mexico.

Therefore, all these conflicts remain in the air and would be resolved in the third and final season, which would address the artist's financial problems during 2010. Well, this batch of episodes would have already been recorded in its entirety and would feature the appearance of Luis Miguel himself in the last chapter.