3 Tips To Rejuvenate Your Brain

For your brain what you think, feel and do is the same, this means that it has the same neural weight and therefore it is valued as something real, even if it is only a thought that you are having regarding a situation.

The Woman Post | Blanca Mery Sanchez (@soyblancamery)

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The really amazing element is related to the way in which your attitude can reduce brain deterioration and stimulate the ability to rejuvenate that our brain has from self-induced neuroplasticity, although it sounds somewhat futuristic at this moment we have the power of neuroscience to modify our cognitive functioning regardless of age.

Remember that there is a premise when we talk about the brain: it is used or lose. It applies to both the skills of being and doing, the more you repeat a thought or behavior, the more the related neural networks will be consolidated and the more likely it will be that automatically continue to act like this, even if it is not favorable for you. This is because our behavior is governed at the neuronal level by routines that are directed by the dorsal striatum who does not care if what you are going to do serves or damages, it just wants you to do the same as always and thus be able to save mental energy. Another participant is the nucleus accumbens who mobilizes the impulses and leads you to seek pleasure in the short term regardless of whether you end up eating twenty brownies and the third area is our strategic ally the prefrontal cortex where intentional actions, strategic thinking, and self-control which allows us to act logically, a constant dialogue between these areas determines who is in charge and how we act.


If you want to make your brain work much better you need to increase your cognitive reserve which is like a mental capital that the greater it is, the more it allows you to compensate for the effects of aging on our cognitive abilities, to achieve this, there are three keys that can help you.

-Get moving: dance, walk or play sports, your brain needs you to strengthen yourself physically.

-Learn: whatever you want, but challenging your brain to develop a new skill makes you generate new neural pathways.

-Have a good attitude: Look for the good side of things, be nice, smile, and be grateful. 

It is in our hands to make our brain work well regardless of age.