Five Cities to Visit in Pride Month

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These cities are one of the most visited destinations by people in the LGBTIQ + community, especially in pride month .

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We tell you which are some of the cities that schedule celebrations in case you want to join some of the most amazing ones. Photo: Unsplash

LatinAmerican Post| Nicolás Donoso

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June is synonymous with diversity, of colors and of commemorating through marches, expressions and demonstrations, vindicating the entire community and as a result of the riots that arose in a New York bar called Stonewall on June 28, 1969, where Hundreds of people confronted the police on duty demanding respect for their rights and for those of the entire LGBTIQ + population.

Below we will review the five best cities on the continent to visit during pride month and for much of the year due to the activities, parades and parties that are held to commemorate and celebrate the community. San Francisco, New York, Cartagena, Puerto Vallarta and Sao Paulo, among the essential destinations to consider.

1. San Francisco, United States

San Francisco is considered by many to be the "gay capital" of the world, and it is no wonder that it has one of the most active populations when it comes to sexual diversity. And it is that in this city it is celebrated with different demonstrations and marches during different times of the year, and of course the month of pride is no exception. More than a million people usually attend the place during these dates and enjoy colorful streets and routes, activities with more than 300 exhibitors and more than 20 stages that are managed by the community, being the San Francisco pride parade, the festival of pride and the LGBT film festival the activities that set the tone and the journey definitively in a country and in a place where the fight for the rights of the community and the promotion of diversity and respect are more than present.

2. Sao Paulo, Brazil

In the richest and most populated city in Brazil there are airs of pride and liberation for pride. Every June there are millions of people who parade down Avenida Paulista for long hours, in what is considered the most massive march in the world regarding the community. The music, the large number of flags, the dances and the show that is mounted without a doubt is an experience that must be lived. In addition, you can also visit places such as Largo Do Arrouche, a space recognized for the sale of flowers but where there are also various businesses for the community. In fact, in Sao Paulo the Museum of Sexual Diversity is located, the first in Latin America and which was created in 2012 in order to promote and spread the culture of the LGBTQ + population of Brazil throughout its years. So, beyond the pride march, there are many more destinations to visit during the year.

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3. New York, United States

The chameleonic American city has been one of the favorite destinations for the community for many years, and it is not for less, and it is that the Stonewall riots that occurred on June 28, 1969 and where many people revealed themselves to fight for their rights And by being respected and recognized, they set a precedent around the world and made pride month celebrated thanks to this event. Multitudinous marches, hundreds of collectives and organizations that parade through the streets of New York, the realization of a morning marathon, the harlem pride, where the Afro-American community organizes its own day of pride and a concert with gospel music organized by a church, make up a series of activities where the pride of being is more alive than ever in New York.

4. Cartagena, Colombia

The largest gay pride event in the Caribbean, they are thus attributed in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, which means organizing events for pride month. This city that is located in the vicinity of the Caribbean Sea is recognized for its beautiful beaches and its archipelagos and islands that are a true delight for those who visit the area. The Gay Parade in June is one of its main events, as it celebrates diversity and brings together thousands of people who gather in the streets of "La Heróica" to fill the city with inspiring colors. Likewise, it should be noted that other cities in the coffee-growing country Bogotá and Medellín also hold different events throughout the year that are ideal for tourism with regard to people in the community.

5. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

A resort located on the Pacific coast of Mexico, in the state of Jalisco, completes this review. Puerto Vallarta has boasted on more than one occasion that it is the first city in Mexico to receive the name "Gay Travel Approved", a distinction awarded by the gaytravel.com website, and which means that it is one of the preferred and recommended tourist destinations for community. There are exclusive hotels for the community, as well as a beach that bears the name of "gay beach Puerto Vallarta", where diverse tourism is promoted and where you can enjoy pleasant temperatures, the spa and luxurious restaurants. With main parades, parties in its parks, artistic and cultural events, concerts and parties on the beach, pride month is celebrated with euphoria.