Latin America in short: Peru with a possible new president and Sergio Ramos leaves Real Madrid

Find out about the most important news of the week in matters of politics, environment and sports.

Pedro Castillo and Sergio Ramos

These were the most relevant news of this week. Photos: TW-PedroCastilloTe, TW-SergioRamos

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A busy week has come to an end in matters of sports and global and Latin American politics. The updated weekend begins.


Summit Biden-Putin ends without surprises

The meeting of the leaders of the two world superpowers held in Switzerland did not leave great surprises. Both Joe Biden, president of the United States, and Russian Vladimir Putin demonstrated their distrust of the other. However, diplomacy and the hope of improving bilateral relations that have been damaged since the cyberattacks that Washington insists come from Russia and the war in Ukraine were also maintained.

Despite their differences, it was agreed to reestablish ambassadors, and a shared agenda on nuclear control.


Castillo declares himself president-elect

Despite the fact that the difference is very small and that a winner has not yet been officially declared, Pedro Castillo of Peru Libre assumed his electoral victory. To make the victory of the leftist leader official, the official announcement of the National Electoral Jury is needed. For his part, his rival, Keiko Fujimori still insists on annulling 200,000 votes for fraud (without providing proof) and that they would give victory to the head of the Fuerza Popular party.

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Sergio Ramos does not go any more at Real Madrid

This Wednesday, Real Madrid announced the departure of Sergio Ramos. The defender played 16 seasons in the white jersey and many times as captain, but no more. After a disappointing season that did not leave any title to Madrid, Ramos will seek new horizons. It is rumored that he could end up at PSG in France, but it is still not certain. Ramos was reluctant to leave the team: "Money was never a problem, the president from my mouth knew that mine was not an economic problem, it was years, they offered me a year and I wanted two, it was continuity for my family In the last conversations I say that I accept and they tell me that there is no longer an offer. " Players, coaches and other figures associated with the player and Real Madrid expressed their support for him on social media.


Colombian Congress postpones voting on Escazú agreement

On June 17, the vote on the Escazú Agreement that would ratify the country's participation in the Agreement was postponed, which, incidentally, was under threat of collapse. The voting was postponed because it began at 09:00 am, but the plenary session was called at 10:00 am, which prevented the voting from continuing.

In addition, there were extremely extensive interventions by congressmen of the Democratic Center and also negative about the treaty, so time was lost for the vote to take place.

The different environmental agents and leaders showed their dissatisfaction, as the Agreement entered into force on April 22 of this year and it is the time when the coffee country has not ratified its participation. Let us remember that this treaty would be very important for Colombia, as it implies the protection of environmental leaders and environmental rights fighters.

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