On the radar: The future new stars of Latin music

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New artists continue to emerge in various corners of Latin America seeking to conquer the industry. Will these six Latins make it? .

Photo by artists Séssi and Micro TDH

We present to you those voices that continue to work hard to enhance Latin music regardless of their place of origin. Photos: YT-Séssi, YT-Micro TDH

LatinAmerican Post | Theoscar Mogollón González

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The urban genre is, quite possibly, the most listened by all Latinos. Every so often new exponents rise to fame who, little by little, begin to conquer the world, bringing as a result prizes for them and good music for us. Part of that new generation that has already established itself has names like Myke Towers, Jhay Cortez, Greeicy, Lali, Rauw Alejandro, Rosalía , among many others. But that's just the beginning.

In this new edition you will meet those voices that continue to work hard to enhance our music regardless of their place of origin. We will do a brief review of artists residing in the United States, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru . Will they be the protagonists of the future in the urban genre?


Noted for her authenticity, creativity and strength, Séssi is a well-rounded artist who composes and brings her music to life through visual art. With Cuban-Puerto Rican roots, this young woman living in the United States grew up with different musical influences since she was little , so her peculiar style that goes between pop and reggaeton stands out. With several released singles, Séssi wishes to become an inspirational figure focused on the empowerment of women.


A fusion of styles is what stands out with this duo, which has the Peruvian Santiago Dañino as singer and songwriter, along with the American producer Andrew Dominitz . This project mixes genres such as urban, tropical, pop and electronic, resulting in a unique sound with a lot of positive vibes. In 2019 they published their debut album and during the chaotic 2020 they released other singles, some of which stand out in English. Their goal this year is to continue contributing to the evolution and globalization of Latin music.

Lula Miranda

With several years of experience in the industry, the Los Angeles native does not neglect her Latin roots in music. She lived in cities such as Ottawa, Bogotá and Buenos Aires , from where she learned different rhythms to mix them in her current project. Since 2016 she has released several songs, mainly in English, but quickly started also with Spanish. Her lyrics are linked to the search for pleasure and freedom.


You will find the rhythm you need to start the week with the unique and positive energy of this artist from Cali, Colombia. Daniel Gallego is an artist who knows how to combine rap and reggaeton with Colombian slang , not to mention that he also does great things when he adds some touches of salsa, rumba and merengue . Without a doubt, all that combination of rhythms will infect many with the desire to dance, especially in 2021 when he plans to release an EP.

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Charly Ginn

We are sure that the feminine power of this composer and interpreter will catch more than one. Charly's artistic talent has opened the doors to her in the Mexican music industry as one of the most promising representatives of the national reggaeton , and she is also the co-founder of the independent record label Tempvs Music. From an early age she was influenced by the different artists of the genre, something that motivated her to choose music as her profession even though she has an university degree in International Relations.

Micro TDH

He is probably the urban artist with the greatest projection in Venezuela. Fernando Morillo is one of those singers who knows how to navigate the waters of trap and hip hop for several years, something that has given him enough experience to collaborate with figures such as Piso 21, Lenny Tavárez and Mike Towers. Its versatility makes it also sound great in R&B, soul, reggae and dancehall, being a plus that drove it to win several national awards.