5 Illustrator Art-Ivists You Should Know

Digital art in the way of illustration has the potential of clearly and artistically transmitting messages of female empowerment, respect for diversity, and the importance of intersectionality.

The Woman Post | Laura Valentina Cortés Sierra

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The Woman Post introduces you to five illustrators that are talking about social justice and female empowerment through their work.

1. Caitlin Blunnie

Also known as Liberal Jane, Caitlin is a reproductive justice art-ivist. She advocates for reproductive rights and planned parenthood. Caitlin describes herself as “the feminist you were warned about” and “Queer feminist creating art about bodily autonomy.” The message behind her colorful pictures is “we must resist.” She believes intersectionality plays a role within systems of oppression and her artwork not only talks about reproductive justice and feminist issues, as she also advocates for LGBTIQA+ communities, against the criminalization of poverty, and for social justice from various fronts. Through her art and activism she advocates for sexual assault victims, she was a victim herself and needed an abortion that she couldn’t access in Virginia. 

2. Jess Vosseteig

This illustrator does what she defines as inclusive, empowering, and positive art. She has been creating art for most of her life but started with digital illustration in 2019. She is inspired by the uniqueness of individuals, female empowerment, the LGBTQIA+ community, bright color pallets, and fashion. With a minor in Women and Gender Studies, Jess blends her knowledge and passion for intersectional feminism and equality for all with her love of art. She strives to marry these two passions in a positive and inclusive way that will inspire her audience and push societal constructs. 

3. Veraprimavera

Veraprimavera is a self-taught painter and tattoo artist. Through her colorful mural painting, she questions the graphic representation of women in public space, using her sensitivity and the power of symbols as trenches of resistance, as she highlights in her webpage. Since 2015, her work has been focused on large-format muralism and more recently she started working on a series of canvases and digital paintings that she considers a graphic diary with entries that intimately portray her mental, emotional state and daily life circumstances.


4.Soma Difusa

Through Soma Difusa’s colorful art, the natural and the human realities are constantly combined. Landscapes and surreal scenes mix with the hardworking people that provide the cities with fresh food from the traditional markets. The female role in the production and distribution of food is a topic she constantly illustrates. Soma Difusa is an illustrator and muralist that emphasizes the importance of a healthy, sustainable, and harmonious relationship between people, other species, and their resources.

5. Moderna de Pueblo

Moderna de Pueblo is an illustrator that raises important debates and educates her audience from empathy and feminism. Some of the topics she talks about are female empowerment, self-love, healthy relationships, sexual education, and female pleasure. Through her posts, she advocates for respect and further empathy towards the LGBTQIA+ communities. She also constantly interviews experts and tries to debunk taboos. This illustrator’s outspoken and clear way of communicating through comics has made her a huge public figure with over 1.5 million followers. She also has an English version of her posts.

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