Afraid of Not Finding a Job Again?

Many people have fear of not being able of finding a job again. This preoccupation has slightly worsened due to the social and economic consequences of the COVID pandemic.

The Woman Post | Catalina Mejía

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One of the factors that have contributed to the fear of not finding a job is the economic recession that is taking place that has left many unemployed. The psychological effects that have accompanied the situation, have been severe. Additionally, it is important to highlight that many households have been struggling to find income for surviving daily. Additionally, work gives people a sense of meaning and purpose for their lives, which is key for the self-esteem and well-being of individuals.

Young people have been particularly affected, since not finding a job has made it difficult for them to achieve economic stability.  The elderly also face the consequences of not finding a job, since they can feel like they are non-productive members of society. The described context makes us think that measures should be taken to correct the situation. The fear of not finding a job is directly linked to structural unemployment, meaning that supply and demand of jobs are not aligned since demand is higher than supply, meaning that more people are looking for a job than employment offers in the market.

According to a study by The Lancet, the suicide rate in the last year has increased by approximately  20 to 30%. The lack of employment is directly related to depression and the loss of satisfaction with life.  A study performed by the University Friedrich-Alexander from Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany revealed that unemployment can also affect family and social relationships.

So, what should we do if we are constantly worried about not finding a job again?

1. Avoid being isolated

Do not let the feelings of shame for not finding a home keep you isolated. Dedicate time to socializing with friends and family. This will help your mood and will keep you active.


2. Develop a healthy routine for everyday

Be sure to go to bed and wake every morning at the same time. Exercise every day and plan for healthy meals. Be sure to have a balance between the hours you dedicate for applying to jobs and those you use for socializing, developing new skills, resting, and working on new projects.

3. Don’t be afraid of looking for therapy

Psychological therapy can be helpful when unemployment is affecting your well-being. Working on your mental health with definitely help you find innovative solutions for unemployment and will also be useful for finding new work opportunities.

4. Dedicate some time to developing future projects

Times are changing and the future will demand innovation. Use some hours to think of new projects by bearing in mind your potential skills and abilities. You can also find people that may be interested in working with you.  

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