How to Choose the Best Streaming Platform For You

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With This Guide, You Can Make Sure You Get the Correct Streaming Platform For You and Your Family

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Here we bring you a guide to know which one you should choose. Photo: Adobe Stock

LatinAmerican Post | Cristina Linárez Cordero

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As there are several alternatives for streaming platforms, it is best to choose one according to the content that you like. Here we bring you a guide to know which one you should choose.


Netflix is one of the most popular streaming platforms thanks to its extensive and varied catalog. Therefore, it is easy to find comedy, romance, horror, suspense, and more. It has several of its own productions that are premiered regularly.

It is considered a very complete streaming platform that offers entertainment for all tastes. In addition, it offers the possibility of having 5 profiles, so you can hire a subscription for the use of the whole family.


Disney +

Disney+  stands out for its children's material and that makes it a perfect streaming service for children. Although its films, series, and shorts from Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and others are very entertaining, it is also a favorite of many young people and adults. For this reason, it is designed for the enjoyment of all the classics and new Disney productions as a family.


Amazon Prime Video

If you like to watch recent and classic movies and TV series, this is the streaming platform for you. More so if you like comedy, historical drama, fiction and sports, since it offers a large number of films that may interest you.

Keep in mind that their content is available for a short time, due to their short-term agreements with film distributors. Therefore, this is an aspect that must be analyzed before choosing it.



According to Tech Advisor magazine, in MUBI you can find good movies that are not available in any other well-known service. Its library includes classic movies and critically acclaimed films. That makes it the best for those with intellectual tastes.

Emphasizing that, every 30 days it changes the films to offer variety, so you will always have something new to see. Although it offers the option to keep what you want from its previous catalog, in this way you can always see what you want. 

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Hulu is another streaming platform that stands out for having very attractive content. It focuses on original films and popular television shows. Among those that stand out are the talk shows and comedy, which are available after their transmission.

To improve the user experience, it has an extra service called "Live TV" that allows you to watch live programming.


HBO Max has been available for Latin America since June 29. It has original content from HBO, Warner Bros, TNT, DC Comics, and more. It manages to compete with other well-known platforms, especially because it has productions for adults and children.

In HBO Max you can enjoy movies of various genres and successful series such as Euphoria, The Sopranos, Games of Thrones, Dark, Gossip Girls and many more. In addition, the platform promises to add new films after their theatrical release, including Space Jam, The Suicide Squad and The Matrix 4.

By keeping in mind everything that each mentioned streaming platform offers, you will be able to choose the right one for you according to your preferences. This way you can guarantee the enjoyment of the content whenever you want, either alone, with friends or family. Without thinking so much about the cost of your monthly or annual fee, since they usually have very accessible plans.