What do the First Reviews of Space Jam 2 Say?

These are the first impressions that Space Jam 2 has left in the critic.

Still from the movie 'Space Jam: A New Legacy'

We gathered the first impressions that we could find throughout the web to tell you what this long-awaited sequel is like. Photo: YT-Warner Bros. Pictures

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In a few days it will be the premiere of Space Jam 2 , the sequel to the famous movie in which the Looney Tunes came together for an impressive basketball game. For this edition, the one who will replace the legendary Michael Jordan will be Lebron James .

It is still too early to talk about the quality of the film, as it is not in theaters yet. However, we gathered the first impressions that we could find throughout the web to tell you how this long-awaited sequel is being received.

A family story

The first impressions we were able to find say that the main story of Space Jam concerns the relationship between Lebron James and his son Dom . It presents the story of James as a hard worker from childhood, who had to make enormous sacrifices to reach his current achievements.

James tries to convey this same ethic of hard work and effort to his sons, but is disappointed in Dom when he decides to pursue creating video games instead of basketball, which is what Lebron wants.

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One thing leads to another and both members of the James family enter Warner's digital world . There they meet Al-G Rhythm, an evil artificial intelligence. James must rally the Looney Tunes to defeat Al-G Rhythm and his basketball team, so he and his son can escape that digital world.

The first reviews say that this emotional angle, despite being a bit cliché, works. "The movie works in large part because of the surprising charm that Lebron James gives to playing the role of Lebron James," says the blog specializing in movies "It's better in the dark." "As for the characters, James and Dom's relationship feels real, even if the script dives into the conventions of sports drama and family storytelling," adds FILMINK's Hagan Osborne.

Advertising or creativity in cameos?

One of the biggest concerns the original trailer left for some was the appearance of characters from other Warner properties in the film, such as the Iron Giant, Batman, and the Flintstones. This gave the impression that the film would end up functioning more as a promotional material for the production company than as a story centered on the Looney Tunes.

However, most of the reviews we have seen assure that this is not the case and that the presence of these characters is relegated to a mere background appearance. Of course, in "It's better in the dark" they highlighted that Warner characters seem to appear, whether they are suitable for children or not. That is to say, in the film the cannibal clown Pennywise, the Droogs of Clockwork Orange and the characters of Game of Thrones appear .

So is it worth it?

From what we have seen, first impressions suggest that Space Jam 2 will not be anything revolutionary, but it will be an entertaining film to spend some time in the theater. Of course, it could be an interesting visual spectacle, since all the reviewers we read highlight the animation of various styles of the film as one of its strengths.