Images are important to your website success: explanation about both good and bad one

The majority of us already know that images are important for the success of a website, but most of you might not be familiar with why images are important for the success of a website.

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This article will tell you how and why images are important for a website and the good and bad examples of using an image on a website. If you plan to start a new website business or optimize your old website, you should surely read this post. 

Let us first walk through the top reasons why images are important for the success of a website:

Why are images important for a website?

Here are some reasons why images are religiously important for your site.

  • Websites having images always get more views

The most important reason behind having images on a website is that they can increase site's views. According to recent statistics, your website's views would double with the help of images. Also, recent surveys show that websites with high-quality images have 95% more views than those having only text on them.

So if you don't want to lose views, you should always get relevant and high-quality images for your site. Reverse image search tool like Duplichecker can help you to find high quality and similar images for your website. This reverse picture search can help you find the right images.

  • Images can bring your products and services to life

Images on your website can work as storytellers. This is because they can visualize the content for the readers. A Human brain is more attracted to visual content than text because images are more understandable. Research tells us that an image can be identified and understood by brain in less than 100 milliseconds. 

If you want to increase sales and conversions on your website, you must visualize your products and services with images. You can use search by image or graphic designing tools for this purpose. 

  • Images can help you show up in search engine results

Another important reason you should use images in your websites is that they can help you get indexed in SERPs more quickly. When you add an image to your site, you allow search engines to increase their image search and web search database. 

Here we would suggest you always use high-quality images for better outcomes. 

  • Website images are also good for social media presence

If you want to promote and advertise your website business, you can easily do it more effectively on social media by sharing your website images. The images that are associated with your website would get you higher engagement rates. 

Now you know about the reasons for images being important, we would like you to read about the good or bad images for your websites!

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Which images are good or bad for your website?

Images are important for your site but only the ones which can bring value. There are two kinds of images for a website: good and the other is bad. You have to always go for the good ones. 

Here in this section, we have explained what images are good for your site and the ones you should always avoid.

Good images for a website?

Here are a few characteristics and features of a good image for a website:

  1. Images on a website should always be of high quality. They should not at all be blurry or flawed.

  2. Images that you add to your website should always be relevant to the textual content and the niche you are working on.

  3. Images should be in the right size, or they would make the website heavy. 

  4. Image file type or format should be selected properly. PNG formats are mostly preferred on websites because of their high quality.

  5. Good images are the ones that would do the talking and would explain a thousand words to the viewer.

  6. Also, know that unique images are considered to be good for a site. 

Bad image for a website?

These types of images should be avoided as they are bad for your site:

  1. Low quality, flawless and fake images can give an artificial impression, so you should stay away from these images.

  2. Irrelevant images are considered to be bad for a site. If the textual content has no emotional sync with the text, it will affect the credibility of the site.

  3. Busy images filled with unnecessary details should also be avoided as they are considered bad for a website.

  4. A bad image is also the one that is plagiarized from another source. So you should never copy an image from another source. Also, if someone is stealing your image, it can negatively affect your site.

  5. Images used in the wrong format or file types are also considered to be bad for the site!


In this article, you have learned why images are important and what the good and bad images for a website are. We suggest you use online reverse image search tools to find the right images for your site. 

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