Thinking of a New Venture? Reset Your Mind Before Starting

Entrepreneurship is a venture that requires being in tune with our potential to be able to express it and the mentality that we have will be an advantage or an obstacle to advance along the way.

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If your mentality is not the best or you feel that it is blocking you, you can always do a reset that allows you to clarify your ideas, feel safe and productive.

There are several ways through which you can make that reset. The key is that you learn to identify what is happening with them and what actions you can take to transform them.

Your Body

The body-mind connection is very important. Remember that time when you felt nervous and your hands began to shake, that is due to the permanent interaction between what you feel and what you think. In order to reset this element, it is very important to broaden your body awareness and understand that your gestures, your breathing, and your body posture influence your emotions, thoughts, and actions. Antonio Damasio has studied the somatic marker for decades, finding that the sensations of our body influence our decision-making. He concludes that having a greater interception (being more aware of the sensations that come from our body, the sixth sense) makes us be able to better regulate our emotions, and make better decisions. To achieve this I propose:

1. Connect With Your Breath

Schedule five spaces in the day in which you will connect with your breath, inhaling and exhaling slowly through the nose, perceiving the sensations of your body.

2. Scan Yourself

Before starting your day and at the end of it, check your body if you are stressed. If you have a frown or clenching your fists, inhale, exhale and relax your face. Thus, releasing stress and expanding your mental balance.


3. Adjust Your Posture

Researcher Johannes Michalak in 2014 discovered that being hunched over can strongly affect emotional processes by making your memory fixate more on negative information than positive and reducing your levels of emotional well-being. Straighten up.

4. Imagination

Visualizing is excellent to show your mind that there are other ways to do things well. I already show you the step-by-step so you can train.

Find a Quiet Place and Sit Comfortably

Every day take between 5 and 10 minutes to close your eyes and visualize that aspect that you want to see differently or better, the more in detail you do it the better because the more real it will be to your mind. Think about that goal you are working on. Imagine that you are already living that situation, feel the same way that you will at that moment. Try to add more and more details to that portrait, until the scene is complete, with this your brain tunes to work to make it come true. Remember to breathe slowly while you do it and if you want you can smile to generate a positive emotional state.

Repeating these exercises at least three times a week will help you modify your neural networks and tune in to the possibilities.

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