Formula 1: Max Verstappen, finally a rival for Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis Hamilton vs. Max Verstappen in Formula 1: an uncertain future between experience and the fastest .

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

In short, Max Verstappen still has a lot of experience that Lewis Hamilton has already covered in his professional career, however, the youth of Max Verstappen is in his favor at 23 years old. Photo: TW-LewisHamilton, TW-Max33Verstappen

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The rise of the fight to finally be the Formula 1 Champion has generated a competition in the 2021 season, between both drivers, Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. However, the rivalry that exists is positive, since there is only the fight for the title.

According to a recent study called "Escalation from Competition to Conflict in Formula 1 Driver Competitive Networks" by Henning Piezunka, Wonjae Lee, Richard Haynes and Matthew Bothner, published in PNAS Magazine, all rivalries have a side. positive. However, over time they can turn into a serious conflict, as competitors damage their professional careers by breaking into the life of their rival. Furthermore, it shows that similarly aged Formula 1 drivers are vulnerable in racing. According to statistical data between 1970 and 2014, as conflicts worsen, structural equivalence increases.

On the other hand, the study shows that the Formula 1 Championship seasons between 1970 and 2014, increased from 13 to 19 races, and resulted in a total of 732 races, with 355 drivers and 9,668 dyads, of which in 506 races the conflict conceives a coalition that places a negative or positive outcome in the race. In addition, the values indicate that there is a greater than 10-fold increase in rank in the coalition probabilities.

Trajectory of both pilots. Lewis Hamilton vs Max Verstappen

Lewis Hamilton debuted in 2007 and has so far 7 titles, 95 victories, 3,778 points, 53 fastest laps, 98 pole positions and 165 podiums. By contrast, Max Verstappen made his debut in 2015, and has so far achieved 18 victories, 1,475 points, 9 pole positions and 56 podiums.

In short, Max Verstappen still has a lot of experience that Lewis Hamilton has already covered in his professional career. However, the youth of Max Verstappen is in his favor at 23 years old. On the other hand, competitors do not reflect similar ages, which is why their vulnerability has not been so affected in races.

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Results of the year 2021, of both pilots

Max Verstappen in the 2021 season, has surprising results, his team is from Red Bull, he is ranked number 1, with 9 GP, 60 points, 5 victories, 8 pole positions and 4 podiums.

On the contrary, Lewis Hamilton in the 2021 season, his team is the Mercedes AMG F1, so far it has 9 GP, 269 points, 3 victories, 6 poles and 2 podiums, being in the number position for the Championship of the Formula 1.

This rivalry arises from the fact that in 2020 , Lewis Hamilton won the Championship with first place and 347 points. However, Max Verstappen was in third place with just 214 points. Since 2017, Lewis Hamilton has been occupying the first place, scoring 363, 408, 413, 347 respectively per year, however in the 2021 season Max Verstappen took the lead advancing towards the first place.


Relationship between the fastest competitors in history

In a dialogue with the station Servus TV, Max Verstappen said about his approach with Lewis Hamilton and took the opportunity to add that "he may have the experience, but I am the fastest."