How will the World Cup Stadiums Reflect the Culture of Qatar?

Here we show you how the same architecture of the stadiums for the Qatar 2022 World Cup will show the culture of this incredible Arab country .

Soccer stadium in Qatar

Every day Qatar 2022 is closer, the soccer world cup that will amaze us with the richness and culture of the Arab world. Photo: YT-FIFA TV

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Every day start of Qatar 2022 is closer, the soccer world cup that will amaze us with the richness and culture of the Arab world. Countries typically focus on creating stadiums that reflect their strengths, and Qatar is no exception. Here's how Qatar's stadiums will showcase the culture of this incredible country.

Fully Arab stadiums

For now, there are eight stadiums in which Qatar 2022 will be played. As of today, five are complete and three are under construction until the end of the year.

The stadiums that are already complete are : Khalifa International, Al Janoub, Education City, Ahmad Bin Ali, Al Bayt .

On the other hand, the scenarios to be completed later this year are: Al Thumama, Ras Abu Aboud and Lusail .

All stadiums are designed to celebrate Qatari and Arab culture. Al Bayt, for example, was built to resemble the tents used by the nomads of the region.

For its part, the roof of the Al Janoub stadium is shaped like a Dhow boat, an Arab sailboat that navigates the waves of the Gulf of Persia .

The Education City Stadium, which houses the university and research facilities, is designed to be shaped like a diamond, to be the “jewel in the middle of the desert” that is Qatar .

The Lusail Stadium, still under construction, seeks to emulate with its façade the intricate decorative designs that are present in the bowls and other crafts of the region .

Finally, from the stadiums we know, Al Thumama draws its architectural inspiration from a “Gahfiya”, a traditional hat that is very popular with the men of the region.

Sustainable stadiums

In addition to its stadiums that reflect the best of its culture, another theme that Qatar's stadiums touch on is sustainability. All of these scenarios seek to have a four-star rating from the Global Sustainability Assessment System .

In this order of ideas, they are not only sports buildings, but they also have several community facilities, which can be used once the World Cup is in the past. For example, the Lusail Stadium will house schools, cafes, shops and clinics when it has served its purpose .

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The most surprising thing is that Qatar will have the first demountable stadium in history, the Ras Abu Aboud Stadium . This one is built largely from recycled material, such as shipping containers, and removable seats. Once the World Cup is over, your material will be used for other community projects.

The Qatar World Cup will begin on November 21, 2022 and conclude on December 18 , so there is little left to enjoy the most exciting soccer competition on the planet.