Happier Than Ever: Billie Eilish's Amazing New Album

The American singer, who is on the billboards all across the planet, released her second studio album full of great songs. Join us to get to know it! .

Billie eilish

Her success in pop music positioned her as one of the references of the genre, so everyone was waiting for her next album. Photo: IG-billieeilish

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Without a doubt, Billie Eilish is one of the artists of the moment. For example, last year, Spotify mentioned that she became the most listened artist, above other great singers such as Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande . Her success in pop music positioned her as one of the references of the genre, so everyone was waiting for her next album.

With her first CD in 2017, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? , the artist had risen to fame so there was a lot of expectation regarding the continuation of her musical work.

Now, with her new album, Happie Than Ever , she maintains some of the foundations that made her successful, although combining it with a much more mature and established musical style. Let's see why this album is a work of art.

Happier Than Ever by Billie Eilish

In her first song, Getting Older , the artist surprises us with a style that seemed unknown to us until then. In other words, it is a much slower and even introspective song , without the need for those explosive rhythms of electronic music that we had become accustomed to with some of her hits.

For the next three songs, we also find great feats from production. In I Didn't Change My Number we find a reggae style, but distorted (the artist's logo). Then we meet Billie Bossa Nova who has an amazing relaxing atmosphere. Then, we move on to My future, which surprises with touches of lo-fi jazz, although then it has a more contemporary passage.

Those people who were expecting a perfect theme for the albums will find Oxytocin , something as close to what we were used to in the artist's discography . Although it does not contribute anything new, its beat has that frenzied electronic insignia that makes us fall in love on Billie.

GOLDWIN appears as a surprising theme, especially for the introductory orchestral choirs that seem to come out of a church. Subsequently, it becomes a subject with a very marked rhythm, which generates a contrast as marked as it is satisfactory for those who love changes in tone.

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Later, with Lost Cause we come across a theme that serves as a perfect balance between the two parts of the album, since it does not saturate, but neither is it too relaxing. Where she has really surprised us is in Halley's Comet , which is a classic romantic ballad where the artist manages to bring out her full potential .

Not My Responsibility fails to dazzle, as it does not add anything new and appears as a kind of interlude for the rest of the CD. For OverHeated the same line of its predecessor is followed, although perfecting the rhythm and the lyrics. We take another beautiful surprise with Everybody Dies , which, with its harmony and voice, is reminiscent of some passages from Lana del Rey .

For Your Power we meet again with a beautiful ballad reminiscent of country, which shows the versatility of the artist , who did not want to be pigeonholed only in electronic rhythms. This changes for the next one, as NDA does continue with that shifting rhythm, although without abusing saturations. Point to Billie EIlish!

Then, in Therefore I Am , a subject that we already knew previously, the artist takes advantage of dark pop to combine it with some bases of hip-hop , which transform it into a unique subject within her discography, although it is also true that there are some issues sounds that had already been seen in other songs.

Finally, the homonymous theme that closes the album. An introspective song that manages to generate an emotional force for the listener, in the sense that it is a song of "liberation", something that is combined with the rocker style - and, of course, with a lot of bass - of the singer. Although it will not be a true hit, it shows that the singer is completely versatile and capable of improving her production style .

If with her previous album Billie Eilish rose to fame with millions of reproductions, Happier Than Ever consolidates her as a much more complete and versatile artist who manages to successfully venture into different genres, such as ballad, country or rock, although without lose sight of the essence that made her famous.