Which Sports Should be in the Olympics?

These are some of disciplines that exist and that can be chosen for the 2024 Olympic Games.

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We tell you which sports you could make an appearance in the 2024 Olympic Games. Photos: Unsplash

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Current Olympic Games sports list

The Olympics event has a selection of disciplines, where millions of people come together to prevail in a certain category. Some of these sports are: athletics, badminton, basketball, baseball, cycling, water sports, fighting, shooting and horse riding. There is also football, gymnastics, golf, weightlifting, field hockey, canoeing, modern pentathlon, rowing, rugby, tennis, triathlon, sailing and volleyball. In addition, we are seeing other new disciplines in the Olympics, including sport climbing, skarteboarding, surfing, karate , in order to expand the participation of women and promote gender equality .

On the other hand, the International Olympic Committee included breakdancing in the events of the 2024 Paris Olympics .

The era of the future of the Olympic Games

Chess: sport versus mind

This is an exercise that stimulates the perception of the participants with various reasoning strategies. However, FIDE (International Chess Federation) has repeatedly called for their inclusion, but the COI have ignored it . This discipline could captivate many urban crowds. But what makes the International Olympic Committee be against its insertion?

In 2020, at the Sydney Games they achieved an exhibition, but there was no evolution. In addition, the organizers of the Magistrales de Paris have communicated the inclusion of e-sports . However, e-sports are not registered as a sport for the International Olympic Committee, according to Uvencio Blanco, coach of the World Chess Commission.


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The radical transformation of the Bridge

It is a physical and mental activity, which happened to be highly competitive and popular. Its new modality makes it be considered a sport. In the world, more than 900 thousand people have a competition authorization . The discipline is included in the International Olympic Committee, was announced in 2002 and participated as an exhibition in 2006.

Paddle: a novelty post COVID-19 without control

This sport has grown enormously since the era of the pandemic. Although it still does not have the federations, it is the boom of the disciplines . It is possible that over the years it can be enjoyed in the Olympics. Its practice has been increasing, because it reduces stress and provides an improvement in mood. In addition, physical and mental agility is an essential requirement.


???????? Los Juegos Olímpicos de Verano de Tokio 2020 quedaron formalmente inaugurados.

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Polo: faded from the olympic team

This discipline has been out of Olympic history for 85 years . However, there is a constant struggle to get back to it. Previously, it was limited to male participation and never incorporated the female sphere.

Snooker: British billiard talent

All modalities have long sought to be part of the Olympic sports family. However, a series of inconveniences have occurred that make the scenario not at all feasible. To begin with, in the 1980s André Gagnux came to the presidency of the World Billiards Union and raised the possibility of all organizations joining together to achieve the incorporation of billiards in the Olympics . Therefore, he contacted several entities, but the failure was resounding. However, afterwards he achieved better results. Consequently, they created the World Billiard Sports Confederation consisting of André Gagnaux (Billiards), Jorgen Sandman (Pool) and Mark Wildman (Snnoker).

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In 1993 they invited as observers the Federal Association of International Sports Federations with the purpose of receiving and training. This was accepted by the International Olympic Committee and was incorporated into the program of the Akita 2001 World Games .

But, in 2003 the internal fights of the World Billiard Sports Confederation began. An athlete suffered a heart attack showing that they do not have adequate insurance. Therefore, until the resources are available, they will not be authorized to participate.