In Love With Tokyo? Tips For Visiting It

The capital of Japan is one of the most attractive and preferred metropolises for travelers.

View of the city of Tokyo, Japan

Japan is one of the most desirable places, specifically Tokyo, its capital, due to its combination of the traditional and the most modern and technological. Photo: Pexels

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Although the coronavirus pandemic has prevented frequent trips within countries and also abroad, as the months have passed, the situation has slowly improved and with the vaccination process, it is estimated that everything will continue being that way and you can visit destinations. Japan is one of the most desirable places, specifically Tokyo, its capital, due to its combination of the traditional and the most modern and technological.

The first thing that must be taken into consideration before having any type of plan is that to travel to Japan you must present a passport at the Japanese border and in some cases you must also show a visa, the latter to be able to verify that tourists can effectively pay for their stay, as well as the return ticket to their corresponding destination.

What is the best season of the year to travel to Tokyo?

There is no recommended season, but it is clear that the activities that can be carried out and the sites that can be visited may vary depending on the season of the year in which Japan is. For example, it is said that visiting the Asian country in winter (December, January, and February) is cheaper, since it gets dark earlier, the temperatures are very low and the amount of panoramas that can be found at nightfall decreases compared to other months.

While doing it in spring (March, April, May) means finding a more pleasant temperature, you can visit more parks and forests and you can also attend outdoor sumos fights; but the most outstanding thing is that at that time there is a floral burst of cherry trees that fill the trees of Tokyo with pink.

If you want to visit the city in summer (June, July, August), it is possible that you will find a variety of climates that becomes shocking, and that is that summer in Tokyo boasts high temperatures until late at night and that They can be close to 30 degrees, but they are also months of high humidity and where even the rainfall can be very intense. Participating in festivals such as the Fuji Rock Music Festival or the Sendai Tanabata are the preferred destinations for tourists who usually go to the island.

Already in autumn (September, October, November) it is ideal to visit the city at that time since temperatures can mark between 23 and 28 degrees during the day, while at night they can drop to 20 degrees. Likewise, perhaps the most important activity that takes place during this period of time is the Tokyo Game Show, which would become the most important video game festival in the world and which brings together the greatest exponents of gamers.

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Meiji Shrine, a shrine with a lot of history

The Meiji Shrine is a Shinto temple and one of the main ones in Tokyo and Japan, originated in 1920 and in commemoration of Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shoken. Here the importance of the Shinto religion in the Japanese country is evident, but also the mixture between classic and modern, since while the sanctuary is a classic construction that is closely related to Shintoism, outside you can see a great variety of vegetation (around 100,000 trees surround it) and in the same street there are quite modern premises.

Akihabara, modernity at your fingertips

If you are a fan of Japanese culture, this destination may be essential. Akihabara is one of the most modern neighborhoods in the entire Japanese capital, being considered "the capital of anime" and it has multiple stores where you can find many video games, anime, manga, and latest generation electronic devices. The number of colorful advertising posters that the buildings of this city have to generate a quite impressive sensation at night since despite the darkness it seems that in Akihabara it never gets dark.

Toyosu Market, for fish lovers

Tokyo has the largest fish market in Japan and the world, the Toyosu market is one of the places that you must visit since it has more than 600 merchants who sell the simplest fish such as tuna, even more exotic and difficult-to-find products such as sea urchins. It also has more than 40 restaurants and the typical "tuna auction". A place that cannot be missed if what you want is to eat well.

Ajinomoto Stadium, an impressive stadium

With more than 50,000 spectators capacity, located in Chofu, the Ajinomoto Stadium is where the football sports team of the first division of Japanese football, Fc Tokio, plays host to, and which was used in the World Cup in South Korea and Japan. played in 2002. In addition, rugby and American football matches are often played in this large and modern stadium, as well as large concerts on occasion. If you like sports, don't think twice and visit this imposing stadium.

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