8 Must-seen Latin American albums in 2021

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Productions by artists such as Camilo, Juanes, Rauw Alejandro, Mon Laferte, Natalia Lafourcade and Morat, among others, stand out for us among the highlights of this year.

Juanes, Morat and Mon Laferte

We want to present you with ten albums that have been standing out in recent months and that promise to continue making people sing and dance. Photo: IG-juanes, IG-morat, IG-monlaferte

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With the year 2021 well advanced, there are many Latin American artists who, despite the coronavirus pandemic, have taken great advantage of confinement to inspire themselves, launch all their creativity and release their studio albums for all their fans. That is why this time we want to present you ten albums that have stood out in recent months and that promise to continue making people sing and dance.

Camilo, "Mis manos"

It is the second album by Camilo, one of the most recognized young singers of the moment and who continues to impact and evolve in the musical world. On this occasion, in eleven songs he makes it clear that the mixture of romanticism with the meaning of his lyrics and his urban style blend perfectly, also managing to incorporate other rhythms to his performances such as bachata, ranchera and cumbia. The collaborations with his wife, Evaluna Montaner, in an impeccable "Machu Picchu"; and with Mau y Ricky in "Rolex", are also noteworthy.

Juanes, "Origen"

Juanes is more relevant than ever and this is demonstrated in "Origen", his tenth album. In this production, the paisa presents a variety of genres and musical styles typical of an artist who has known how to fuse rock with Latin pop. Here we have the true luxury of paying tribute to other great Latin American singers such as Juan Luis Guerra (La bilirubina), Juan Gabriel (No tengo dinero), Carlos Gardel (Volver) and the Ecuadorian Julio Jaramillo (Nuestro juramento) . Twelve musical pieces, twelve moments that Juanes manages to make epic and that celebrate more than 20 years of solo career.

Natalia Lafourcade, "Un canto por México, vol. 2"

This eighth studio album is the continuation of the material released last year: "Un canto por México, vol 1". It contains eleven songs where Natalia Lafourcade collaborates with artists such as Jorge Drexler, Carlos Rivera, Pepe Aguilar, Mon Laferte, among others . Keeping more alive than ever the Mexican folklore, the nostalgia and the tear that pervades the boleros, and poetry generated by the son jarocho. The roots of the Mexico that everyone knows, the traditional and the musical diversity of the Latin American continent, in the voice of one of the most important Mexican singers of the Aztec country .

Danna Paola, "KO"

The Mexican actress, singer and songwriter Danna Paola has given life to her fifth album with "KO". This is an album that began to take shape prior to the pandemic and that speaks of love, heartbreak, union and breakups with total appropriation, based on her personal experiences. The title of the album is also a vindication of feminism and a call to end "machismo" in love relationships, pointing it out and indicating that it should not happen anymore. "No bailes sola", which featured the collaboration of Sebastián Yatra and "Calla tú", were previously released singles that are part of the production.

Morat, "¿A dónde vamos?"

If there is a musical group that has had a meteoric rise, that is Morat. The Bogota folk pop band that, although it emerged at the beginning of the last decade, became known in 2015 and since then has consolidated worldwide (or, at least, in Latin America and Spain). On this occasion, they return with a new album called "Where are we going?", Their third studio album and in which there are collaborations with Danna Paola, Sebastián Yatra, Cami Gallardo and Andrés Cepeda. Fourteen songs where the romantic ballad, Latin pop and contemporary genre take every moment.

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Mon Laferte, "Seis"

One of the most prominent contemporary singers of recent times is probably Mon Laferte, who this year (and in an album made during the pandemic) has once again surprised and demonstrated all her versatility with "Seis". It is an album that pays tribute to traditional Mexican music, with rancheras, mariachis and boleros, and with collaborations with artists such as Alejandro Fernández (Que se sepa nuestro amor), Gloria Trevi (La mujer) and La Arrolladora Banda El Limón de René Camacho (Se me va a quemar el corazón). It is the sixth album by the Chilean singer who has resided in Mexico since 2007 and her chameleonic ability to tackle different musical genres continues to surprise, which makes her material even more valuable.

Rauw Alejandro, "Vice Versa"

The Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro is probably one of the greatest exponents of reggaeton and urban music in this 2021, and in his latest album "Vice Versa" he confirms it without leaving any doubt. All the songs that are part of the album (which are 14) are of a high level, especially: "Sexo virtual", "Cosa guapa", "Aquel Nap ZzZz" y "Desenfocao", having the merit that each song is interpreted solely by him. This singer registers more than 40 million reproductions per month on Spotify.

Esteman, "Si volviera a nacer"

In this new album, the Colombian who lives in Mexico takes a tour of those sounds that were heard in the different periods of the last century, as is the tradition in Esteman's compositions, adding to each letter a feeling of nostalgia, of personal experiences and of a very marked own identity.