What's Going On With OnlyFans?

The Online Platform Created In 2016 By British Businessman Timothy Stokely Announced Changes In Its Policies, Then Retracted Those Changes.

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There are various forms of content on OnlyFans, but perhaps the most lucrative is adult content, which is why the platform became very popular. Photo: Pexels

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OnlyFans is a social media site where users can access content by paying a monthly membership. Content creators charge a monthly membership for photos, videos, and posts, 20% goes to OnlyFans and the rest of the money goes to the content creator. The platform works like a social network, but for people to interact and view the material they have to pay, and contrary to what you might think, there are many people willing to do so. 

There are various forms of content on OnlyFans, but perhaps the most lucrative is adult content, which is why the platform became very popular. Its functionality is similar to other digital media such as Patreon, users can even chat with the author of the content and also award tips in exchange for personalized content for the person who pays this extra money.

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In OnlyFans it is rare to see people dressed. Adult content is abundant on the platform. However, the company announced that starting in October it will change some policies and prohibit creators from posting sexually explicit content on its website. On the other hand, it will not ban nudity, so creators can continue to post photos and videos, as long as they are consistent with the platform's policy.

Why this policy change at OnlyFans?

The company's main objective is to ensure the long-term sustainability of the platform. The reasons for the changes were pressure from banking partners and payment providers.

The platform plans to also grow as an option to offer exclusive material for artists (behind the scenes, exclusive music for true fans, etc.). In essence, becoming more of something like Patreon.

With the policy changes, creators would no longer be able to upload this type of explicit sexual content, not because the company decides that this type of material is not attractive to users or because they think it is wrong to generate this type of content. On the contrary, it is convenient for the platform to have this material there because it allows them to retain more customers. The problem is that when the company looks for investors in the stock market there is no one to support them, since the platform is designated as a pornographic site and is associated with the adult content market, which was not the original idea for this exchange website .

The platform, which currently has 130 million users and more than 2 million creators who have generated USD $ 5 billion in revenue, had indicated that these changes are necessary.

Change of mind

However, in its most recent announcement, OnlyFans stated that it had obtained the necessary guarantees to support the community of creators, suspending the new policy that sought to put an end to explicit sexual content on the platform. In the statement, the company reiterated its commitment to contribute to the inclusion of users. It should be noted that this type of content allowed the website to raise around 375 million dollars in the last year.