Did you Know that the Architecture of your House Influences your Mental Health?

The new technique called house coaching could improve your well-being and comfort within your home.

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The resource of house coaching is to provoke a series of positive feelings to achieve a state of comfort and well-being in your home. Photo: Unsplash

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The house coaching method is to provoke a series of positive feelings and achieving a state of comfort and well-being in your home. In essence, what is sought is to investigate the appropriate design of spaces, so that people identify with their home. The interior design that is implemented is ideal to satisfy the personal requirements of each person.

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On the other hand, professionals seek to collect valuable information from the user, including some traits that interpret their personality. For example, the colors, the architectural style and some details to make up the spaces . According to, María Freire Úbeda, member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), colors transform the perception of spaces and is linked to some personal features.

  • Red: They are direct, impulsive and fast-acting people.
  • Yellow: They are positive, creative people with great communication skills.
  • Green: They are thoughtful, trustworthy and confident people.
  • Blue: They are analytical and detailed people that also like to study.

The impact of space design on your mental well-being

Currently, experts are in constant search of well-being linked to design concepts. Among them is the rhythm, hierarchy, balance, shape and space, among others. All of them make a perfect combination of style and generate a feeling of tranquility, luxury and comfort in the areas of your home.

The Netflix documentary Abstract about the life of Ilse Crawford, expresses that people hire her to write biographies. However, instead of words she uses furnishings, architectural concepts, colors and the client's personality to achieve comfort. In addition, it reveals that before the pandemic, 87% of our lives were spent indoors. 87%? Yes, exactly, 87%! If  we spent 87% of our time indoors before, how much time is spent now in a pandemic? That is why house coaching is so important in people's lives .

Benefits of house coaching

House coaching brings, without a doubt, great benefits to your well-being. Experts point out that this practice is closely linked to the transformation that is provided to your personal environments. The benefits are:

  1. Set clear design goals for your spaces.
  2. Provides creative options & changes.
  3. Flexibility and adaptability in the criteria to achieve success.
  4. Improve communication skills.
  5. Assumes responsibilities and practical ideological criteria.
  6. It considerably reduces stress and offers harmony.
  7. Motivates you to persevere.
  8. Development of self-knowledge.
  9. Cultivate trust and security in the people who share the spaces.
  10. Brings you company in uncertainty.

In short, seeking the support of a coaching to develop projects based on the spaces of your home generates benefits in your daily life. Not only will it bring pleasure in the areas created for each member of the family, but it will also boost your self-esteem and your personality .

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